CEO Letter: WeTravel Named Best Hospitality Platform of the Year – and We’re Striving for Better, For You

May 22, 2023
Ted Clements (he/him)
2 min read

Before I assumed the position of CEO at WeTravel, our Co-Founders and the WeTravel team spent six years creating a product that was built–and evolving–to lubricate the friction the multi-day travel industry had in operating and managing their businesses. When I joined the business in January 2023, I carried the central focus of our business’s mission–to empower all multi-day travel businesses to successfully operate–with an impetus on developing features that help our clients save time, save money, and grow!

Each year, WeTravel has not only experienced exponential growth, but we’ve walked alongside thousands of travel companies that have used our platform to support their growth – and, wow, that’s an exceptional feeling. As we feel the immense responsibility to continue to support our clients (and those to come!), we believe our team must have an unwavering dedication to pushing boundaries – and building a world-class product. 

I’m thrilled to write: We’ve done just that; we’ve built a world-class product. Even more excitingly, last year’s product advancements and innovations have led WeTravel to win Hospitality Management Platform of the Year by the TravelTech Breakthrough Awards

The award recognizes WeTravel’s innovative product developments and how these features have supported the travel industry. In 2022, our platform continued to explore payment solutions that worked for our clients, including an Instant Payout feature for U.S. bank accounts; comprehensive payment reporting dashboards and analytics; and automating payment processing and billing. 

We focused on our platform, your brand with the launch of custom branding and URL options, to encourage our clients to spotlight their brand and increase sales. 

We created tools that directly impacted our clients’ revenue, including our lead generation features, Downloadable Brochures and Abandoned Cart, to help businesses capture leads. These features have been proven to convert 30 percent of leads into sales for our clients. 

At the heart of our innovation is our clients, who’ve been a valued part of our decision making on new features. Our Innovation Council, launched in 2022, is a prime example of our dedication to building a product for our clients. The Council serves as an open-forum for our clients to collaborate with our team and provide valuable feedback on our existing product. By co-creating new solutions with our clients, we ensure that we’re delivering a platform that is tailored to their needs and is optimized for their success.

This year, our commitment to supporting and growing multi-day travel businesses remains the cornerstone of our existence. We’ll continue to innovate a product that enables our clients to streamline their operations, grow their businesses, and provide the best possible experience for their customers.

Clients, new and loyal: Thank you for trusting WeTravel to support your businesses, we owe our accolade to you. To the entire WeTravel team, who day-in and day-out designs our product: Thank you. 

We are immensely proud to receive the Hospitality Management Platform of the Year award; this award is a tribute to all WeTravel’s stakeholders. 

So, congratulations to us all – and here’s to being a better platform in 2023.

Ted Clements

CEO, WeTravel