How to Prevent Fraud and Manage Disputes

September 30, 2022
Isabel Espinoza (she/her)
3 min read

If you’re a travel business taking online payments, you need to have a clear understanding of how to prevent fraud and handle credit card disputes. Having the necessary information you need to create a course of action, backed by accurate and comprehensive documentation, will help you navigate these complicated cases and avoid situations that may put your company’s reputation or ability to take online payments at risk. That’s why we’ve put together a free webinar for you on this subject! Click here to jump straight to it.

Frauds and disputes are commonly not the same. Fraud usually occurs when an unauthorized third party uses stolen credit card information or account details to attain free services, funds, and/or credit. People that commit these identity theft crimes are usually not the ones that carry out the fraudulent activity itself, they sell this information to these unauthorized third parties. 

A dispute, or chargeback, on the other hand, is when the cardholder completes the purchase but then contacts their card issuer to question said payment and have it reversed to their account. These types of disputes commonly happen when there are billing problems with the merchant (your company) like a double charge or overcharges. Cases like these may arise from time to time and are straightforward to solve with adequate communication and following your payment processor’s guidelines. Nevertheless, there are cases where there hasn’t been any wrongdoing from the merchant’s side and the client disputes the payment to get free services or goods. Unfortunately, situations like these are on the rise within the travel industry.  

According to data gathered by TransUnion, 2021’s Q2 saw a year-over-year increase in credit card fraud attempts within the travel and leisure industry of 155.9%. Fraudsters are evolving along with the travel industry, so keeping up with information, new fraud patterns, and ways to secure your business is a must!

Join us, along with the insightful Shannon Slaughter (she/her) from SentiLink, on this free 1-hour webinar, about how to effectively handle credit card disputes and prevent fraud from impacting your business revenue and reputation. 

Some things you’ll learn during this webinar are:

  • What is “Friendly Fraud”, who incurs it, and how is it different from Payment fraud
  • What goes into the dispute process and why does it take a certain amount of time to be resolved
  • What happens during the arbitration process and when it’s worth pursuing it
  • How do you calculate your chargeback ratio and what can happen if you exceed the limit established by the credit card company?
  • What does an AHC return process entail?

And so much more!

You’ll also hear from our very own Customer Support Manager and Disputes expert Gerda Valentaite about WeTravel’s process when handling disputes and how you can prevent these from happening and how to increase your chances to win a dispute when these cases occur.  

If you’re interested in knowing more about WeTravel’s booking and payment solutions, we invite you to request a commitment and cost-free demo to see if we’re the right partner for your business!

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