Automation 101: How To Do More With The Resources You Have

August 19, 2022
Isabel Espinoza (she/her)
1 min read

If you have spent countless hours doing manual and repetitive tasks, this is definitely the webinar for you. Boost your productivity by automating your business and say goodbye to spending more hours filling spreadsheets, manually sending emails, reminding your clients of their payments, and more. 

Automation can save you a lot of time and resources by optimizing your processes, whether these are sales, marketing, finances, or operations-bound. By freeing your time, you and your team can do more outreach, focus on your clients, or generate more leads. You choose! Plus, automation will help you reduce errors that can often happen when dealing with large data sets, numbers, clients, details, etc.

We invite you to have a look at the wonderful webinar we put together, along with automation expert and veteran software developer Sahil Khosla (he/him). During this 1-hour discussion, you'll learn:

  • What are APIs and the myriad of things that are possible for businesses to do with automation software
  • How Zapier, an automation platform that requires no coding, works and what you can achieve with it
  • What are the most useful automations and tools for the travel industry

Get a glimpse at all the great things you can do for your business and start implementing them today! 

If you're looking for more resources, download our e-book for free! 

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Watch Automation 101: How To Do More With The Resources You Have 

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