Advancing LGBTQIA+ Travel for an Inclusive Industry

June 29, 2022
Keri Pfeiffer
2 min read

Travel is one of the most enriching activities a person can enjoy. As you travel, you open your eyes not only to new landscapes but to culture, traditions, ways of living, and so much more. All these experiences deserve to be enjoyed safely, despite their gender or sexual orientation. 

As Pride month comes to an end, it’s crucial for travel businesses to keep changing their practices and understand why inclusivity is so important to achieve. Below, you’ll find the replay of our webinar Advancing LGBTQIA+ Travel for an Inclusive Industry, where we discussed, along with outstanding travel professionals, topics like:

  • The impact that the travel industry has had on LGBTQIA+ rights and liberation
  • How can businesses champion change for more inclusivity
  • How can travel companies keep supporting the community in exploring the world safely and at their own pace

Join WeTravelSantiago (he/they) from IGLTA – the International Gay and Lesbian Tourism AssociationCecilia (she/her) from Peru’s Tourism Board, and Scott (he/him) from Out Adventures in an hour-long free webinar. This resource will help you and your business take further steps into more inclusive and LGBTQIA-friendly practices. 

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Watch the webinar’s replay: Advancing LGBTQ+ Travel for an Inclusive Industry