Pricing and Payment: What's Sustainability Got To Do With It?

December 21, 2021
Keri Pfeiffer (she/her)
1 min read

Price perceptions are often influenced by seemingly insignificant details such as the position of your price or the number combination it includes. Context-related factors such as the pandemic or the approaching holidays influence buying decisions and holiday plans. The sequencing and design of the steps in the payment journey can have an impact on the sustainability choices of your guests.

In this webinar, we will cover these and other principles borrowed from human psychology that can help you make behavior-smart decisions about your pricing and payment options.

Key takeaways from this webinar:

  • Discuss some of the mechanisms that influence price perceptions among travellers
  • Recommended tips to consider when planning your payment journey
  • Present ideas about how your pricing tactics and payment journey can influence the sustainability footprint of your trips

If you are already curious about behavioral thinking, you can get a head start on the topic with one of Milena's recent publications which gives tips for tourism companies and was developed as part of the Harvard University & WTTC sustainability leadership series.

Watch: Pricing and Payment: what's sustainability got to do with it?

Guest Speaker

Milena Nikolova - Behavior Smart

Milena’s passion is in using knowledge about human psychology to design solutions that make tourism more sustainable and more profitable. In her work, she supports companies and destinations in understanding how human behavior contributes to the challenges they are facing and in employing tactics that account for the realistic ways in which people decide and act. Milena is the author of the first book on behavioral thinking for the travel industry published by Elsevier in 2020 and the founder of  BehaviorSMART, a boutique consultancy supporting businesses and destinations in applying behavior-smart innovations.