How To Automate Your Wellness Retreat Business

June 28, 2022
Jen Corley (she/her)
5 min read

As a wellness retreat leader, automating specific processes in your business can help you plan and manage your retreats more efficiently, and give your clients a better experience.

There are many different ways to use automation software in your day-to-day, which can make an enormous difference in how you run your company.

In this guide, we’ll cover what exactly business process automation is and delve into a few of the best ways that you can apply it to your wellness retreats and operations. And in case you need inspiration on which tools to use, check out our comprehensive guide by clicking below.

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Why Automate Your Business? 

Here are some of the main advantages of using process automation tools.

Saves Time and Money 

The most obvious advantage of an automated business system is it saves hours of time you’d normally spend on manual tasks. This makes running your company a lot more efficient, which is always important for a busy retreat leader.

Automating time-consuming manual processes can result in significant cost savings as you eliminate the need for human work hours. This means automation could save you from having to hire extra people to manage administrative processes.

Improves Accuracy and Productivity 

Process automation software eliminates the risk of mistakes being made due to human error. This is in terms of data entry and administrative tasks.

With so many things on your plate organizing and managing a retreat, using automation allows you to share your workload, get more done, and make your retreat business a lot more productive.

Improves The Client Experience

Automation allows you to streamline client interactions and processes (e.g. automate booking management) so that you can allocate more time to your clients and enrich their experience.

Automation also improves the way you communicate with clients, share information about them, and onboard them for new retreats.

This saves clients time, and it makes their interactions with your company a lot smoother and more user-friendly.

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How to Automate Your Wellness Retreat Business

There are many different day-to-day tasks involved in running a retreat operation that can be automated. Here are a few of the main areas where you can apply business process automation.

1. Payments

With a payment and bookings solution like WeTravel, you can automate aspects of your client payments. For example, there’s no need to manually track due dates and send out payment reminders. Set it up once and the system will automate it for you.

You can automate invoicing and receipts. This way, clients can download their documents instantly and you always have a real-time overview of your sales to date.

The platform also allows you to automatically offer several payment options to your clients, including ACH, credit cards, payment plans, and contributions. This gives your clients the convenience of paying using the method that suits them best.

WeTravel effortlessly accepts and processes payments for your business through your website. This makes payments a lot easier to manage, saving you hours of valuable time.

2. Appointment Reminders 

If you send out reminders and notifications to your wellness retreat clients about upcoming retreats, or in the case of vendors who you may have appointments with to discuss organizational or planning points - then this can be done via a process automation tool. This will enhance the client experience and will save you a lot of time.

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3. Bookings 

One of the most time-consuming parts of running a wellness retreat is managing all of your bookings. You need to ensure you have the right number of clients in each retreat, and you need to make it easy for clients to make bookings through different channels.

By using automated booking software, you don’t have to manage bookings through back-and-forth emails or phone calls. Instead, you can accept bookings directly online, and automate this process alongside accepting payments and sending reminders.

Again, WeTravel is a great solution to help you achieve this.

4. Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most important and effective marketing channels for wellness businesses, and you can optimize your campaigns through automation.

Automation allows you to create automated email sequences and drip campaigns that are triggered by certain actions.

For example, you could use a tool like Mailchimp to send automated email sequences to nurture new prospects and teach them about the value of your retreats, or you could send automated emails to clients as soon as they book a retreat.

The benefit of automating your email marketing is that you can send highly targeted and relevant messages to the right people at the right time.

You can also automate SMS marketing and apply social media automation where it’s relevant.

5. Onboarding New Clients 

When a new client makes a booking, you’ll need to collect specific information from them to onboard them onto your system.

This process can be time-consuming, but the good news is that it can be automated with the right software.

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An example of this is using electronic forms. These forms can be automatically sent to all the new clients for them to fill out, and then all the information will be automatically updated and stored in the database.

6. Payments & Expenses

Automating your payment processes can assist you with managing payments received from clients for retreats booked, services rendered or products purchased.

It can also assist with paying any repeat business expenses, such as payroll or paying your partners/vendors.

7. Online Wellness Programs 

You can use automation to support your wellness retreat clients by sharing additional online wellness programs and resources with them once they sign up for a retreat, while they are attending, or even post-retreat.

This can include any educational material, videos, and courses that are relevant to your wellness retreat business.

Adding an online wellness program to your retreats is a great way to attract more clients and keep your existing clients more engaged. Online programs like this could even add an additional stream of revenue.

Once you have set up these online programs, you can easily automate them and send targeted content to people. Managing these programs won’t take a lot of time, and you can scale up the volume of these processes without having to do any extra work.

Getting Started With Automation For Your Wellness Retreat Business

There are many different areas where you can apply automation to your wellness retreat business. How do you know where to get started? And what are the first steps to take?

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Automation may be designed to make your life easier, but it’s important that you introduce these systems properly to help you achieve this.

Here are a few important steps to take to get started with automation.

Determine Your Automation Needs

Start by evaluating your operational processes. Are there any processes you’re spending a lot of time on that could be automated? Do some processes require significantly more time and resources than others?

Once you have identified these potential areas for improvement, note them down.

Establish Your Goals And Success 

Once you know what areas can possibly be streamlined, it's time to outline exactly what you want to achieve from automating them. Setting clear goals is a helpful way to accomplish this.

Is your goal to save time, reduce inaccuracies and mistakes, or spend more time working directly with your clients? Maybe you want to save costs or scale up your business without having to take on new team members?

By establishing what your goals are, you’ll be able to evaluate whether your automation processes are a success or not. This will help you determine what areas of process automation you should adjust or change to achieve better results.

Choose The Right Software

You can’t automate your wellness retreat business without using the right software. Selecting the right automation tools is one of the most essential parts of figuring out how to automate your business, as this directly impacts how successful your automation strategy is.

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This is why you first need to establish what processes you need to automate, and what success measures you will track.

Then you can choose a software solution that matches this.

It is useful to research the software costs, versus how much it will cost you to perform the business processes manually. This can help you determine the ROI of automating the process.

Start Small

If you try to automate all of your annual processes at once, you’ll likely run into a lot of confusion and difficulty. The best approach is to automate a single process at a time.

This allows you to carefully plan and execute how you will automate each task, without wasting time and money doing it.

Monitor the Results

Although automation is a “set it and forget it” approach, you still need to check up on your workflows and processes to see how successful they are. This ties back to the goal and success measure that you set out.

Chances are, you will have to make a few adjustments and improvements before your automated processes work seamlessly for your wellness and retreat business.


If you aren’t using software to help you manage your wellness retreat business more efficiently, it's definitely time to start.

Automation tools can take on a lot of time-consuming processes for you. This saves hours in your day,  improves accuracy in your processes, and makes your operational practices way more efficient.

Apply automation properly, and you will be able to improve your day-to-day operations as a wellness retreat leader while enhancing your clients' experience at the same time.