10 Free Features You Need To Try On WeTravel’s Travel Booking Software

August 29, 2022
Jen Corley (she/her)
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Finding the right travel booking software is critical for the success of any travel business.

WeTravel offers travel booking software to help all kinds of businesses in the travel industry grow. The software has been designed to make it easier for customers to book travel experiences, while also making it more manageable for businesses to handle their bookings and trips.

One of the best aspects of using WeTravel is that there is also a free version of the software available. Travel businesses can access all of the core features of WeTravel to start accepting online bookings and payments easily, without spending a cent. For additional functionality, there are also paid plans.

In this guide, we’ll explore exactly what WeTravel offers and what kind of features you can get from our travel booking software.

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Why Use WeTravel? 

WeTravel has been designed around offering a seamless customer experience specifically for travel companies. Our online payment solution puts any travel operator’s brand front and center, creating a more professional and recognizable user experience.

Not only is it simple to use, but our travel booking software also offers many key areas of functionality. This includes options for part payments and deposits, upselling, adding extras, incorporating discount codes, and loads more.

Travelers' experiences start when they make their bookings, so you should aim to make this experience as positive as possible. By providing a seamless booking and payment experience on your website, you’ll be able to improve the customer journey and make it easier for people to book your trips.

Ultimately, this will result in more revenue for your travel business

WeTravel’s online booking system is also incredibly easy to use and set up. You simply create your booking page and use this to accept bookings and payments. No coding or technical knowledge is required, which means that any travel business can optimize its booking process with ease. And because there is a free option available, there’s no reason not to give WeTravel a try. 

10 Free Features Available On WeTravel’s Travel Booking Software 

Here is a breakdown of some of the main free features you can get from WeTravel.

1. Payment Collection 

First and foremost, WeTravel offers a seamless payment collection platform for travel businesses. This makes it easy to set up and start accepting payments through your website.

travel booking software

The free WeTravel payment solution includes beautiful hosted booking pages. This is where you drive your traffic to place a booking and make their payment. The free travel booking software also includes an embedded checkout widget that you can add to your website. This is essential for streamlining the customer journey.

WeTravel is not only designed for accepting payments, but it also exists to make your bookings easier to manage. This is why the software includes an integrated calendar widget. Visitors to your site can easily choose a date and make a booking. This is reflected on your own calendar, which simplifies your time management.

Some other of WeTravel’s free payment features to note include:

  • The option for payment plans and automatic payment reminders
  • The option to offer ACH and card payments
  • The ability to pass over CC fees
  • Online and offline bookings

Of course, this entire booking and payment collection experience is mobile optimized.

About The Booking Pages 

As mentioned above, when a business uses WeTravel, they have two options as to how they can incorporate the travel booking software into their site. This includes trip pages and embedded checkout options.

Trip pages are hosted on the WeTravel platform. These are fully-customizable booking pages that offer all of the information a client will need to know about a certain offering. WeTravel works by embedding these pages into a website via a “Book Now” button or widget. Setting these pages up is easy.

travel booking software

When a user navigates to the trip page, they can read all about the trip and make their booking on that page. This is an excellent strategy for tour operators that offer various trip packages because each trip and itinerary can be customized and updated on the page.

The other option is to use an embedded checkout feature. This is when you embed a checkout popup onto your travel website. You can easily set up all of the details for the specific trip or package on the WeTravel dashboard, and then integrate this checkout popup onto your website. Again, no coding or technical knowledge is required.

Embedded checkouts are an excellent solution for selling travel experiences without asking the user to leave your site.

2. Trip Website Builder 

One of the most exciting things about WeTravel’s travel booking software is the addition of the travel website builder. This is what lets you put together and display all of your trips and itineraries that customers can book.

The tool includes a daily itinerary builder, that allows you to break down your trips and display their details. This means that you can create custom itineraries for your website, which you can sell through the above-mentioned payment collection software.

WeTravel users can create a customizable booking form and payment page where they direct traffic. This payment page can include your branding, and it can be easily set up to match your specific requirements.

travel booking software

Some other tools and functions included in the WeTravel trip website builder are:

  • A package availability counter to encourage visitors to book and ensure you never have overbookings
  • Waitlists to make it easier to manage customer expectations
  • Discount codes so that you can run promotions
  • A custom registration form builder. This lets you add any specific registration details that you need to capture
  • Add-on options if you need additional functionality

3. Trip Management

Once clients have discovered and booked your tours, the next step is to manage their travel experience.

Luckily, WeTravel includes a booking management system that extends beyond bookings and into managing trips. This is unique for travel booking software.

Everything is monitored through a central trip management dashboard. On the dashboard, travel businesses can see all of their financial and booking activity. This includes:

  • Refunds
  • Discount codes
  • Custom prices
  • Balance-due reminders
  • Payment plans

When your business receives payment through WeTravel’s booking system, travel businesses can control the transfer of the money from here. You can easily transfer payments from your WeTravel account to your bank account or a supplier.

Travel operators can communicate with their clients directly from this dashboard. For example, you could send out an upcoming trip reminder and control it from the dashboard. This dashboard includes an unlimited number of team members and seats in the free plan.

The trip management feature incorporates automated client emails to keep clients up to date with their bookings. There is a booking search function to easily access the information you need, and a booking and client information editor.

The dashboard also includes exportable payments and registration reports, as well as view-only admin functionality. Overall, this element of our travel booking software makes a major difference in managing your clients and travel experiences.

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4. Finances And Payments 

Of course, the whole point of having travel booking software is to ensure you get paid. WeTravel’s free platform connects your own Stripe account to make collecting and processing payments easy.

WeTravel accepts a wide variety of different payment methods, which is important for pleasing today's travelers. The specific payment methods available will vary depending on the currency being used.

If you do opt for one of WeTravel’s paid plans, then you can use WeTravel payment processing, WeTravel credit card, Supplier transfers, international wires, and more.

5. Multiple Currencies 

WeTravel allows users to make and accept payments in multiple currencies. This is important for any travel business, as you will likely have clients using your platform all around the globe.

Multi-currency payment options make the payment experience easier for the customer. It streamlines the booking process and improves the user experience.

We only keep funds in USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, ZAR, and AUD. Payments in currencies other than the previously mentioned are automatically converted into USD at the daily exchange rate.

6. WeTravel Account 

WeTravel’s free travel booking software includes a branded WeTravel account. Users can customize their own Ts and Cs to ensure it matches their business. You can also review the booking widget for your website to ensure it looks the part.

Paid plans include more advanced features, like company branding on trips and email communications, travel insurance affiliate links, and single sign-on. However, the free plan provides everything you need to safely and efficiently accept and manage bookings through your WeTravel account.

7. Support 

With all of this functionality comes the need for support. With WeTravel’s booking management system, you get readily available to support if you ever run into any issues. This includes data privacy enforcement to keep your business running smoothly and safely.

8. Security 

Security is an essential part of offering a payment gateway. Clients have to trust that they are dealing with a secure website and booking platform before they make a transaction.

Needless to say, WeTravel operates with the highest security standards. Our travel booking software does not store any of our user's financial or sensitive data. Any data that users input, such as their credit card details, is immediately transmitted to payment providers using bank-grade encryption.

9. Easy Integrations 

Some payment gateways do not integrate with travel operators’ existing booking processes. Many travel booking solutions require a complex technical approach to do this. This is why so many travel operators don’t bother with integrating a payment gateway into their websites.

WeTravel has been designed with flexible integration options. This makes it effortless for any travel business to incorporate the software into their booking process.


10. Learning Resources 

WeTravel is committed to helping travel businesses grow and achieve their goals. This is why we don’t only offer free software, but we also have an expansive library of learning resources available in our WeTravel Academy.

The WeTravel Academy includes all kinds of content to help you stay up to date with the travel industry and learn new tricks and tips for managing your business. This includes industry-specific content for wellness and retreat businesses, tour operators, and more.

The WeTravel Academy includes expert guides, webinars, courses, and just about any other kind of useful content that you can think of. All of this will help you become a better travel business.


Our travel booking software is certainly one of the most extensive platforms available to businesses. It’s essential that businesses understand the power of free tools, and what kind of software solutions exist on the market. This is especially important for small businesses starting out.

A platform like WeTravel has the potential to help a company run smoothly and make your life as a travel business owner, or tour operator a lot easier. Free tools such as this are also a great way to test out the software before you invest in it.

However, in case you need more functionality, take a look at the Pro version of our software. If you feel like you could benefit from our Pro tools, then we invite you to try them out for your business. If you’re not convinced within 30 days, we’ll give you your money back, no questions asked.

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