Purchasing Habits: The Future of Travel Bookings and Payments

January 25, 2023
Isabel Espinoza
3 min read

As the travel industry rises to its pre-pandemic levels, businesses and professionals need to be ready to embark on the journey toward growth. The booking and payment process is one of the most critical steps in your client’s customer journey. 

If your tour, retreat, or travel experience is everything your client ever wanted, but if your booking process is overly complicated and the options you’re offering for payment plans, payment methods, and add-ons are not ideal for your travelers, you could potentially risk losing fully nurtured leads to your competition. 

WeTravel surveyed around 150 travel companies about their client’s profiles, booking and payment preferences, customization requests, and more industry-related questions regarding price increases, perception of growth, primary challenges for this year, and more. 

For you to make better-informed decisions, WeTravel has created a 35-page report based on this information for all travel businesses and industry professionals to seize. You can apply this information to create better sales and marketing strategies, streamline your booking process, increase your accepted payment methods, and more. The choice is yours! 

Purchasing Habits: The Future of Travel Bookings and Payments for 2023

What will you find in this Bookings and Payments report for 2023?

Have a look at our table of contents and explore the topics you’ll find inside:

  • CEO Address: See the message Ted Clements, WeTravel’s CEO, has for travel industry professionals and businesses about the road we’ve walked together and what the future holds for us.
  • WeTravel’s Internal Data: See some statistics from our internal data that reveal some information about the state of travel in 2022. 
  • External Data: Explore some information about popular travel trends for 2023 and the global panorama for the travel industry.
  • Qualifying Data: Have a look at some of the results we got from our survey.
  • Tour Operator Data: Explore data specifically related to the Tour Operator segment, including Custom/FIT Businesses and Luxury Tour Businesses.
  • Group Travel Organizer Data: See specific data pertaining to group travel organizers like Wellness and Retreat Businesses, Destination Management Companies, Travel Advisors, and Custom Operators. 
  • What the Data Says: Examine the key takeaways from our Booking and Payments report for 2023. 

What are some of the report’s findings?

  • Of over half a million bookings made through WeTravel’s booking and payment solution, 60% were made by females.
  • Travel companies expect to achieve an average growth of 58% by 2025.
  • 25% of travel companies state that their 2023 tours, offered in 2022, are reaching 75% capacity.
  • 65% of companies say that their clients request more personalization via add-ons than in 2019.
  • 76% of tour operators expect to process less than 5 refunds per month in 2023.

… and so much more! 

Why should you download this Booking and Payment Trends Report?

As a company that provides travel businesses of all sizes with an efficient booking and payment solution, we want your business to thrive and have the best tools available. It’s important to have the right data to tailor essential aspects of your business, build more efficient promotion campaigns, identify opportunities to enhance your business that you may be missing out on, and so much more. 

We look forward to seeing your business’s fantastic achievements this year! If you’d like to see how WeTravel can help your travel business expand, request a commitment-free demo today. We will be more than happy to assist you.

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