Contribution Pages On WeTravel: Raise Money From Family and Friends

November 26, 2020
Lucas Ennis (he/him)
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Welcome to our exciting new addition on the WeTravel Pro Plan – Contribution Pages – a full fundraising solution for your clients!

Say you are in charge of organizing a class field-trip or school marching band tour; your clients may need help to cover the cost of their trip.

Now you can offer them an effortless way to fundraise and collect payments against the trip balance.

Within seconds, they can create a contribution page on their WeTravel profile to share with their friends, family, and supporters.

How Do Contribution Pages Work?

Beautiful, Personalized Pages

Your clients can create their own personalized Contributions Page once you have enabled the option in your account for them to do this.

They can customize the title, image, and first paragraph of the page to bolster their fundraising efforts and help contributors better understand the cause that they are donating to.

Shareable Links That Put Your Brand Front and Forward

When their trip page is set up, they receive a URL link to share with their friends, family, and supporters. They can also share the page directly from their WeTravel profile to email, Messenger, Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook, boosting your brand on social.

Facebook Share View Example

Simple For Contributors

Your customers can have any number of contributors for their booking; there is no limit. All their contributors have to do is choose an amount to pay on their credit card and submit a payment on WeTravel’s easy to use interface.

The minimum donation amount is $5, while the maximum is the outstanding balance of the trip. For example, contributors can pay up to $800 in fundraising payments on a trip a $1,000 trip where the participant has already paid a deposit of $200.

There is no need for contributors to go through a sign-up process with WeTravel either. All they need is to enter their contribution amount, name, and email.

For now, Contribution Pages are only available for USD trips. Get in touch with your Pro Plan dedicated account manager if you would like to offer contributions in another currency.

Easy Reconciliation In Your Account Dashboard

Any fundraising payments that come in for your clients will be automatically reconciled and appear on your reporting dashboard in your WeTravel account.

Issue No-Fuss Refunds

In case you need to refund a contributor connected to the booking, the money goes directly back to the credit card they paid from. You can choose whether to pay them back in full or customize an amount.

It's Quick & Easy To Allow Your Customers To Collect Contributions

To allow your customers to fundraise for their trip, you have to enable the function for them.

Sign in to your WeTravel account and go to the Pricing Section in your trip builder. Look for the option to Allow participants to accept contributions and toggle to "Yes."

Enable Contributions For Customers

Once you have done that, they can create and customize their own contribution page to share with their supporters on social media or other channels using the URL link.

To ensure that your brand stays front of mind, the page will retain all of your branding, same as your WeTravel booking pages.

This is what the contribution page will look like on a desktop:

Contribution Pages On Desktop

And this is the mobile view:


Mobile View


For more information on how to offer payment collections to your group leaders and customers, visit our Help Center article.

Customers Create and Share Their Own Pages

It’s really simple for your customers to create and share their contribution pages within a matter of seconds.

Once you have enabled the option in your Trip Builder dashboard to give them this feature, they need to sign in to their account and choose your trip. From there, they click on Manage Booking, followed by Share Your Contribution Page (located on the right-hand side).

Share Contributions Page

The next step is to personalize their page to give their contributors information about their upcoming trip.

To edit and customize the details that their friends, family, and anyone who they send the page to will see, they click on the contribution page link. Otherwise, the page will default to a version of your booking page.

After doing that, the page is ready for them to share, either using the generated link or directly to social media through the widget buttons.

As payments come in, the page will show the progress towards the outstanding trip balance and how many people have made contributions.

Demo View

When your clients have collected all the money they need and reached their fundraising goal, they can deactivate the page. Once deactivated, contributions can no longer be collected.

If your clients need help with setting up their Contribution Page, they can read the Help Center article here.

WeTravel; Innovating For The Multi-Day and Group Travel Industry

At WeTravel, we are always on the lookout for ways to innovate and better serve our clients in the travel industry. The addition of Contribution Pages makes it easier for your clients to collect payments against the balance due on the trips they book through your company.

Contribution Pages are just one of the new and exciting features on the WeTravel Pro Subscription Plan. If you would like to find out more about our white label solution for travel companies and professionals, then watch the short clip below.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to us about signing up or upgrading your plan, then get in touch.