Customer Success Story – One Yoga

February 09, 2020
Jen Corley (she/her)
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About One Yoga

One Yoga, founded by Ryan Leier offers an abundance of opportunities to expand the practice of Living Yoga. While rooted in ancient tradition, its progressive yoga system is highly relevant today. One Yoga’s community of teachers and studios offer classes, yoga teacher trainings, workshops, and retreats.

Location: Saskatoon, Canada
Average Group Size: 10-50 people
Niche: Retreats and yoga teacher trainings

What Are The Key Elements of Planning Successful Retreats?

Timeline planning Selecting your venue  Itinerary & program design  Sustainability considerations  Marketing  Financials & profitability  Legal forms & liabilities  Insurance

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Why WeTravel?


Q: How did you collect payments before you started using WeTravel?

A: Before using WeTravel, One Yoga used MindBody for all registrations and payments. This worked well if an event was studio specific; however, since One Yoga has expanded to many studios and our experiences are held in many different places, we needed tools that could support this growth in our business.


Q: How has this problem been solved by WeTravel?

A: WeTravel has great tools for offering custom payment options to students. We know that financial barriers are a consideration for many people and WeTravel allows us to create different payment plans and discounts while keeping it all extremely organized. The reporting tools also support our finance team, who can easily pull reports for the many different experiences we offer through WeTravel.


Q: In what way WeTravel has impacted your business?

A: WeTravel has provided us with a better system for managing registrations and payments for the many experiences that Ryan Leier and One Yoga host each year. This has saved our team considerable time and energy while making the process smoother for our students as well. It will also continue to support our future growth as an organization.

“The team at WeTravel has been very supportive as our team has learned to use this system. The response times are very quick, and they will explore the situation at all angles to make sure that we have enough information to get clear.”

Ryan Leier – Founder

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