Customer Success Story – Coco B Isla

February 09, 2020
Jen Corley (she/her)
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About Coco B Isla

Coco B Isla specializes in all-inclusive retreats, hotel offerings, and luxury villa rentals for large group events. They offer tailor-made getaways for individuals, groups, and retreat leaders to practice wellness with spectacular ocean views from nearly every angle.

Location: Isla Mujeres, Mexico
Average Group Size: 1-15 people
Niche: Retreat groups, hotel and villa rentals

What Are The Key Elements of Planning Successful Retreats?

Timeline planning Selecting your venue  Itinerary & program design  Sustainability considerations  Marketing  Financials & profitability  Legal forms & liabilities  Insurance

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Why WeTravel?


Q: How did you collect payments before you started using WeTravel?

A: Previously we were collecting and managing payments through our hotel's booking platform or PayPal. Collecting deposits and managing payments through PayPal worked, but required more management hours than we would have liked. Plus, the fees to both us and our clients were too high.


Q: How has this problem been solved by WeTravel?

A: Using WeTravel has really simplified collecting payments for us. Not only is it an affordable means of collecting deposits and client payments, but it also allows us to gather client information efficiently. It's great having an organized system to capture all client details in one spot and to be able to quickly reference them on an ongoing basis as needed.


Q: In what way WeTravel has impacted your business?

A: We can now create templates for booking pages in minutes and duplicate when necessary. Because of this, we now provide much faster service to our clients and spend far less time managing our booking process. The platform is very user-friendly!

“I like being able to create a booking page simply, duplicate when able, and do so in a timely fashion. Now we provide much faster service to our clients.”

Lisa Clemens - Retreat Coordinator Liason

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