Customer Success Story – Nepal Eco Adventure

July 09, 2020
Zaky Prabowo (he/him)
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About Nepal Eco Adventure

Nepal Eco Adventure is a tour operator focused on trekking in Nepal and its surrounding countries. With most of their clients coming from overseas, payment collection was either expensive for the company or inconvenient for their customers. Additionally, since multi-day trekking in the Himalayas is expensive and requires certain permits, any payment delay can affect the company’s cash flow and disrupt the trekking schedule.

Location: Kathmandu, Nepal
Trip Size: 4-6 travelers
Company Size: 10 employees and a network of 300 guides, porters, cooks, climbers
Niche: Trekking, group expeditions in Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet
Target Customers: 25-35 years old, 60% female, solo travelers

Why WeTravel?


Q: How did you collect payments from your travelers before you started using WeTravel?

A: We have a lot of customers coming from all over the world, mainly the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. We accepted payments online through an international payment gateway. The fees for every transaction were over 5% and this easily affected our bottom line. However, it was the best option that was available because international clients always faced issues when paying through payment gateways offered by local banks.


Q: How has this problem been solved by WeTravel?

A: By switching to WeTravel, we save 50% in payment processing and international transfer fees. With our large monthly turnover, the savings translate to a significant additional profit that we can use to grow our business. More importantly, my clients can pay online from overseas without any problem. Additionally, my clients can also upload their travel documents while they pay. This helps us to start processing their trekking permits faster.


Q: How have your team and customers reacted to using WeTravel?

A: We embedded WeTravel widgets with the help of their support team. WeTravel is now fully integrated into our website so that any potential client can pay online, anytime without leaving the site. On top of that, using WeTravel, our clients can pay in multiple installments. Moreover, the WeTravel team is open to our feedback to improve the platform and build new features that will be relevant for our business.

We save 50% in payment processing and international transfer fees. More importantly, my clients can pay online from overseas without any problem.”

Chhatra Karki - Managing Director

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