Retreat Planning E-Book: 5 Key Elements Of Successful Retreats

August 2, 2018
Jen Corley
2 min read

Yoga retreats are a great way for teachers to connect with students and offer them an opportunity to deepen their yoga practice. But they also take a lot of planning and organization to make them successful!

If you love yoga you might want to take the next step in your practice and become an instructor. There are all sorts of courses to help you do so, and different types of work that you can do as a yoga instructor, including leading retreats in amazing locations around the world.

Key Elements of Planning Successful Yoga Retreats

Knowing whether you’re ready to lead a yoga retreat is just the beginning, and then the real work starts! As a yoga instructor, it’s important to have a business mindset, even though creating a successful business might be the last reason you got into yoga practice in the first place. Having a business mindset is never more important than when you’re planning a retreat. There are all sorts of logistics involved in retreat planning, from finding a location to pricing your retreat and retreat waivers, to name just a few.

At WeTravel we’re passionate about helping yoga instructors make their retreat stand out from the crowd. We want you to be a confident retreat leader, and organize a retreat that you can really be proud of. So much so, that we’ve teamed up with the wonderful ladies at Rock Your Yoga Retreat to create a free E-book that outlines the 5 key elements of planning successful yoga retreats to help you really craft the best yoga experience.

Key Elements of Planning Successful Yoga Retreats

We outline the benefits of leading a yoga retreat, and why you should consider it, followed by the 5 key elements you need to know about when planning a retreat, before outlining our favorite planning tools and tips. It’s jam-packed with information that any newbie yoga retreat leader definitely needs to know, and any seasoned instructor could stand to review and remember.

Check out our Retreat Leader Resources for more tips and information to help with planning your yoga retreat, then create your trip for free on WeTravel!