5 Unique Places to Get Married

July 21, 2015
4 min read

Following our bachelor and bachelorette parties post, we at Wetravel are exploring the next logical step… weddings! If you thought planning a bachelor or bachelorette party required a ton of work and time, wait until you hear about all of the things that you need to take into consideration when planning a wedding. They’ll probably make your head spin. But have no fear because Wetravel is here!

Like a bachelor and bachelorette party, a wedding requires you to think about a lot of different things from the date to the number of guests. But one thing that you should decide on first is the location. Maybe you want to go the traditional route and get married in a church. Perhaps, you want to keep it simple and get married at city hall. Or maybe, you want to travel off the beaten path and find a venue that’s really out of this world. Well, if you chose the last option, then we at Wetravel have got just the thing for you! Here is a list of five unique places to get married to make your day an extra special one.

unique places to get married


Want to be like the Lonely Island? Well then, why not get hitched on a boat? Maybe you or your significant other is a huge fan of all things nautical. Or maybe you want to feel the fresh sea breeze as you pledge to spend the rest of your lives together. Whatever the case may be, getting married on a boat can definitely be a memorable experience, whether your ship is docked or out on the open sea.

unique places to get married


Do you ever wish you could be treated as a king or queen? Or perhaps, you’re obsessed with fairytales and want a happily ever after kind of ending. Well if that’s the case, then you might want to consider getting married in a castle. They provide a romantic and historical scenery that you can’t really get elsewhere. So live out your fantasies and spend this important day of your life in a breathtaking location like the one above.

unique places to get married

Converted Buildings (Factories, banks, etc.)

Let’s say you want the history of the location, but you don’t want something as grand as a castle. You want something that feels a little rustic, maybe even charming? If you wholeheartedly agreed to this, then think about getting married in a converted building. You can rent out locations that were once factories, banks, and even post offices! While they may not look like much at first glance, they can offer elegant backdrops with the right decor and displays.

unique places to get married

Botanical Gardens

If you like the outdoors, you might want to consider the botanical gardens as a venue for the wedding. Botanical gardens offer you the chance to be surrounded by nature in a location that isn’t the middle of nowhere. The landscaping and diversity of plants will provide you with great photo opportunities and a beautiful background for the ceremony. With all of this natural beauty around you, you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped into a secret garden of your own.

unique places to get married


Could you spend hours on end at the Museum of Modern Art or the Natural History Museum? Are you a culture or history buff like we are? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then a museum might be the venue for you! Museums not only offer fascinating backdrops, but also interesting and educational exhibits. You’ll be surrounded by something that you love with people you love and maybe live out a childhood fantasy of staying at a museum after hours!

unique places to get married

We at Wetravel hope that these unique locations provide you with inspiration for your own wedding venue. Whatever you choose as the backdrop of your wedding, whether that’s a traditional church or a converted warehouse, we hope that your special day is a memorable one that goes off without a hitch!