How You Can Afford Your Dream Yoga Retreat

July 3, 2017
5 min read

Do you dream of going on a yoga retreat, but think your bank account just can’t handle it?

There are plenty of budget-friendly retreats around the world, the trick is finding the retreat that’s right for you! Attending a yoga retreat definitely has its benefits, and if it’s something you really want to do, then we want to show you how to make it possible.

Ultimately, taking time out to improve your health and wellbeing is worth the price, but it still has to be one that’s affordable! So how do you begin to search for yoga retreats within your budget, so that you can have the yoga experience of your dreams?

Well, checking out the affordable yoga retreats we offer is a start, but how do you find and choose the right one for you?

Be realistic about your budget

Attending a yoga retreat doesn’t have to be expensive, but you do need to be realistic about your budget. What can you afford now, and how much more can you save towards your dream retreat? Setting a budget for attending a retreat will help you immediately eliminate options that won’t work for you.

How to afford a yoga retreat

Consider the location

Your dream retreat doesn’t have to be in the most isolated and expensive location. There are plenty of amazing retreats at affordable prices that are in places that are close to main centers, or easy to travel to. Consider how expensive it is to get to the destination, and then also how far retreat center is from major transport links. Does the price of the retreat include any local transport from an airport to the retreat center? If not, is it going to be difficult to arrange it yourself, and how much will it cost?

Keep an eye on flight deals, and think about traveling to a yoga retreat during the off-season or shoulder season rather than during the most popular travel time.

Don’t discount retreats closer to home. Your dream retreat could be just around the corner!

How to afford a yoga retreat

What are your accommodation options?

The range of accommodations across different retreats is extremely diverse. Some are in dedicated yoga retreat centers, others will be in standard hotels. In some cases, a retreat leader may even hold a retreat in the countryside in a villa or on an estate.

The accommodation offered at these different places can range from shared dorms or rooms, and differing scales of private accommodation. If you’re willing to share your space then a yoga retreat will be much for affordable. Shared accommodation may also be just between two, in which case you could consider going on a retreat with a friend. Ideally, if you’re traveling to a location with good weather and the retreat center has access to outdoor areas you won’t spend a lot of time in your room anyway.

Sharing accommodation at a retreat can be like staying in a hostel dorm, but everyone is there for the same purpose. No one is turning the light on at 3 am because they’re coming in late or getting up for and early flight!

How to afford a yoga retreat

Research the retreat leader

A well-known retreat leader may choose to charge more for a retreat, as they have more demand and have built up a reputation. If your dream retreat is with a certain instructor then you will need to consider what other areas of your budget you could compromise on, or maybe save for longer to make it happen.

Just because you haven’t heard of a retreat leader before doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give their retreat a try. Do your research on what type of retreat leader they are by looking at reviews on previous retreats or getting in touch with them directly to ask questions. Are their retreats more chilled or hardcore? If they’re close by, can you go and try out one of their classes?

Ask friends or your yoga community for recommendations, or if you find an affordable retreat that seems right for you, check out the retreat leaders website and social media.

How to afford a yoga retreat

Look at the optional activities

Generally, optional activities are not included in the price of the yoga retreat, unless otherwise stated. The cost of optional activities on a retreat will vary widely from location to location. If there are activities you really want to do but the price isn’t listed, contact the instructor for more information.

Extra activities on retreat don’t always have to cost a lot of money. You can spend your free time relaxing on the beach or going hiking at not extra cost, apart from any transport needed. If you’re near a city or some small towns, taking a free walking tour or wandering the streets exploring on your own are great ways to enjoy yourself at no cost.

How to afford a yoga retreat

Is food included?

The food you eat while on retreat is really important. Having an all inclusive retreat means knowing exactly how much you’re spending before you go, but it can also put the price of the retreat up as a whole. If you choose a retreat that has only some meals included you’ll have the opportunity to explore different food options nearby, but at the same time you should do your research on the estimated cost of meals so that you know how much to budget for.

Many retreats offer vegetarian food because meat is more expensive. Often there is an option to add meat or seafood, but if you generally choose not to then you’ll save yourself some money!

How to afford a yoga retreat

Check out the retreat program

A specialist retreat like SUP Yoga can be more expensive than a more traditional yoga retreat. Attending a yoga retreat with a more standard program, with the ability to choose optional activities can be just as beneficial, at a lesser price.

Also, generally a retreat program that has a lot of built-in activities will be more expensive. Choose a retreat where you have the ability to opt-in to the activities you really want to do at an extra cost, but where you’re not obligated to do everything.

How to afford a yoga retreat

Look at the retreat duration

Generally, longer = more expensive. If you’re on a strict budget, consider a shorter retreat of just several days, or even a day retreat as an option. If your dream retreat is longer in duration, then work with the budget you have to find an affordable retreat. They are out there! It just might mean choosing a cheaper retreat location or taking part in fewer optional activities that cost extra.

How to afford a yoga retreat

Going on a yoga retreat shouldn’t be something you dream about but never do. Use this checklist to evaluate retreats and find an affordable retreat that’s perfect for you!