Helpful Resources For Managing Your Travel Business During Coronavirus COVID-19

March 24, 2020
Zaky Prabowo (he/him)
2 min read

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As we all know, these are challenging times for the travel industry and the world collectively. 

Here at WeTravel, our goal is to continue providing support as our community faces this unprecedented time.

We understand that this pandemic is imposing challenges on the tourism industry. To give you some of the tools and guidance you need to work through these, we have compiled a list of COVID-19 resources for travel businesses. 

The list includes links to help you streamline various aspects of your travel business. Keep checking back as we will add more as we move forward.

If you need any help from us during this time, please reach out. We’re in this together.

Crisis Management Playbook For Travel Companies

COVID-19 Resources For Travel Businesses


Communication & Account Management Through Coronavirus: How Travel Companies Can Support Clients

Communication Strategies For Resolving Disputes

Emergency Funding

Applying for Unemployment Insurance

CARES Act Resources and Webinars (U.S. and Canada relief resources)

Emergency Paid Leave Benefits for Freelancers/Self-Employed

Information On Government Assistance and Loans For Travel Companies In The U.S.

SBA Disaster Assistance to Small Businesses

The CARES Act and Your Business

Event Management and Cancellation

Making the Decision to Postpone Your Event

The Latest Travel Cancellation, Change, and Refund Policies

Live Industry Updates

Coronavirus and the Travel Industry

LIVE BLOG: Impact of coronavirus on the travel industry

Managing Payments

Coronavirus and The Impact Of Chargebacks On Commerce 

Credit Card Disputes: What Are They and How To Prevent Them?

How To Convert Cancellations Into Future Travel Bookings For Your Business

Preventing Chargebacks During Coronavirus: Tips & Best Practices For Travel Companies

Shifting To Cashless and Contactless Payments In Your Travel Business

Tips For Travel Businesses To Manage Cash Flow During COVID-19 Crisis

Operational Guidance

Operational Checklist To Ready Your Travel Company Against The Coronavirus

Operational Tactics For Startups

Rethinking Your Travel Marketing Strategy During The Coronavirus Crisis

Tips To Help Travel Businesses Adjust To Working From Home

Travel Industry FAQs

COVID-19 Guide for the Adventure Travel Industry