4 Blissful Yoga Retreat Centers You Should Know About

July 07, 2016
Jen Corley (she/her)
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There are a staggering amount of yoga retreat centers all over the world. If you've decided you want to take a break for some self-care, but you're overwhelmed with all the choice out there we can help narrow it down. There are obviously a million more amazing choices out there, but these are four yoga retreat centers that the team at WeTravel is really excited about right now:


Blissful Yoga Retreat Centers You Should Know About

1. Pranamar Oceanfront Villas & Retreat Center in Costa Rica

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Located on the stunning beach in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, Pranamar is a resort that doubles as a yoga retreat center. Because it's a resort, you get all the amenities that you're used to on a plush beach vacation. When you go on a yoga retreat at Pranamar, you're treated to an all-inclusive experience. Yoga and meditation classes, three meals per day, and shared accommodation is all included. Take advantage of your location on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica and eat beautiful local fruits and vegetables in Pranamar's on-site restaurant. Take a dip in the pool or get a massage at the spa. Activities and tours include surf lessons, stand up paddling, and guided tours of the nearby Cabo Blanco nature reserve. After a week spent blissed out at Pranamar, you will return home more rejuvenated than ever.

2. Balenbouche Estate on St. Lucia

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Balenbouche Estate is a yoga retreat center on an organic farm near several beaches (Yes, you read that right. Several.) This historic site is home to an 18th-century sugar mill along with fruit orchards, lily ponds, and nature trails. During your yoga retreat, you'll be sleeping in a tropical cottage. The Estate is the ideal spot in which to do a yoga retreat, because of its' intimate nature. Balenbouche regularly functions as a Bed & Breakfast for travelers that arrive on St. Lucia. As such, you and your fellow retreat goers will enjoy a leisurely brunch every morning after your yoga class. Over a farm-fresh omelet you'll discuss the ways in which the yoga retreat is changing you, inside and out.

3. Samana Chakra in Peru

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Samana Chakra is located on the Northwestern coast of Peru in Mancora, on a beautiful beach. This is a place of deep spirituality, where you can go in depth on your yoga and meditation practices. Take three weeks to escape the daily grind and deepen your practice in Peru. Samana Chakra offers a beautiful Yoga Shala in which to take yoga classes with an experienced teacher like Rebecca Mayne. The location in Peru gives yoga retreat attendees unique opportunities that you won't find anywhere else in the world. Poza de Barro is a natural mud thermal bath near the retreat center that's said to have healing properties. If you go at the right time of year, you can even go on a whale watching expedition!

4. Villa Sumaya in Guatemala

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Situated on the mystic Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, Villa Sumaya is any yogi's dream. With multiple yoga and workshop studios looking over the lake and volcanoes that dot the area, you will enjoy spectacular views as you balance in tree pose. There is also a spa, the Harmony Spa, at Villa Sumaya offering Ayurvedic massage to energy healing. All of your meals will be served on-site from the vegetarian Cafe Sumaya Sol. If you go on a yoga retreat at Villa Sumaya, you'll also be able to participate in ceremonies held at the Villa such as Mayan Fire and Cacao ceremonies. Villa Sumaya is an eco-resort, meaning they give special care not to disturb the sacred grounds the Villa is situated on. Lake Atitlan is a known sacred natural wonder in Guatemala and has many mythical, magical healing properties. The Lake is also close to the city of Antigua, which you can visit as a part of the retreat to explore another side to Guatemalan culture.

All four of these yoga retreat centers offer the best in relaxation and rejuvenation. If you're looking to go on a yoga retreat for a reboot, we highly recommend these 4 yoga retreat centers as a great place to start.

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