Women+ in Travel: Representation in the Industry

March 22, 2023
Isabel Espinoza (she/her)
1 min read

Through advocacy, resilience, entrepreneurship, strength, and hard work, women have opened up significant spaces in the travel industry throughout the years. Nevertheless, there’s still a lot of work that needs to be done to achieve equity and inclusion in an industry that has historically been dominated by men. According to data presented by the World Economic Forum, the salary gap between men and women will close in approximately 132 years from now. More specifically for the travel industry, despite women representing 54% of the total workforce, only 10% have C-level positions. 

Change has to come from everyone involved in the industry, from travelers to professionals, regardless of their gender. There are amazing women out there pushing for change, leading the way, setting up projects, and supporting each other.To honor and celebrate them during Women’s History Month, WeTravel has brought together a group of inspiring women panelists:

With this outstanding panel, we want to raise some questions, like why representation is stil lacking and what can each of us do to start changing this from different perspectives. 

What you’ll learn

  • How women+ have overcame misrepresentation in the industry to become leaders and how their motivational stories can ignite a change of mindset in other travel industry professionals to strengthen their commitment to diversity and equity.
  • What opportunities are there for the travel industry to improve the representation of women+ through employment initiatives, the selection of female suppliers, tour guides, and operational assistance.
  • Actionable insights on how travel companies and professionals can make their businesses more inclusive for women+.

Watch Women+ in Travel: Representation in the Industry