Connect WeTravel To Thousands Of Other Apps With Zapier

June 01, 2021
Keri Pfeiffer (she/her)
4 min read

Did you know that you can now connect your WeTravel account to thousands of other online platforms via Zapier?

Customers on the WeTravel Pro Plan can use our API to integrate with over 2,000 other web services that streamline your sales & marketing, client relationships, accounting, and communication systems.

Zapier integration lets you automate actions between your WeTravel dashboard and programs such as Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Salesforce, HubSpot, QuickBooks, Xero, Slack, and Google Calendar, to name a few.

Through pre-programmed, zero-coding connections known as Zaps, you can automate tasks and create workflows to streamline many of the repetitive or time-consuming daily work processes in your travel business.


How Does The WeTravel/Zapier API Integration Work?

The WeTravel/Zapier integration feature on our Pro Plan can significantly improve Trip Management for you and your team.

You can connect any web apps that work in Zapier and create workflows to automate processes and streamline your day-to-day.

When working in your WeTravel dashboard, there’s no need to download data or respond to every incoming task manually. You can set up workflows, also known as Zaps, to automate processes when specific actions are triggered.

To elaborate on this, every Zap has a Trigger app where the information originates from. This trigger automatically sends data to other apps, where the Action (or Actions) then happens.

As an example, say a client registers for one of your trips.

You can create a trigger to automatically send the person a welcome email as soon as they submit their required information.

The workflow process can be set to add the client as a subscriber in Mailchimp automatically.

The next step of your Zap could be to schedule an email to send in a week's time that lets the client know more about their upcoming trip.

All of these are the actions taken following the trigger.

To learn more about setting up Zaps and getting started with Zapier, read our help article here.

How WeTravel Zapier Integration Works

What Are The Benefits Of Zapier?

Automating workflows with triggered actions can help your travel company to speed up bookings, increase efficiency, and boost revenue.

It’s a consideration that many businesses face in the modern and technologically inclined landscape.

If you aren’t familiar with Zapier and the benefits you can get from using this platform, we’ve shared a few use cases below.

Greater Efficiency Within Accounting Systems

When you land a new client and make a sale, one of the first things to do is set them up with a customer account to record the transaction in your accounting program.

But, this can be a tedious process, and copy-pasting information manually can land you with incomplete or incorrect records.

Zapier makes this easier by integrating WeTravel with your accounting program.

For example, you can set triggers to add new clients from WeTravel into Quickbooks automatically. This means that every time someone creates a new WeTravel profile and completes a purchase, it automatically gets added to your QuickBooks online account.

The same thing happens in Xero and Zoho Books. Every time you get a new WeTravel client, a new account is created in the programs.

If you work from Google Sheets, it’s also possible to export data from WeTravel to your file automatically.

Workflow Automations

Improved Communication With Your Team and Clients

It’s crucial to have an easy way to share important updates, promotions, and trip information with your customers.

Integrating with Constant Contact, a Zapier supported app, can streamline this by automatically adding client information from WeTravel to MailChimp.

From there, it’s possible to add new customers to your different marketing or communication lists.

You can also set different actions to take place once clients perform certain tasks, such as submit information or pay an installment.

Slack integration helps you connect with your team. You can set up workflows to notify team members when new clients come on board, or when existing clients perform specific actions that require a response from you.

Smarter and More Targeted Marketing

MailChimp helps to keep your outreach efforts on target and relationships moving forward. The landing pages and form builders are useful for growing your email lists and nurturing your clients.

Connect your WeTravel profile to your MailChimp account via Zapier, and you can automatically add customer information to the relevant lists based on the information they submit.

Closer Tab On Sales Leads

Whether your preferred CRM is amoCRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM leads, or Salesforce, WeTravel integration can help your sales team be more efficient.

Set up your workflow automation to send your new customer details from WeTravel to your CRM. Your team will then be able to manage leads, monitor the sales pipeline, and stay up to date with all the latest information.

Zapier For Travel Businesses

Connect your business to even MORE web applications with our Public API

What if your automation needs go beyond the thousands of off-the-shelf Zaps enabled through Zapier?  Our booking and payment solution currently has, apart from our Zapier API integration, a set of public APIs for you to connect with your custom dashboards, CRMs, tour ERPs, or whatever other tools you rely on to run your business. With support from a developer, you can link workflows across WeTravel and virtually any other software platform. Making the most of your existing tech stack has never been easier!

Currently, we’ve made available 4 APIs that relate to the significant components of WeTravel’s tour booking software:

1. Trip Builder API

Allows you to create draft trips on WeTravel with the following properties:

  • Paragraphs
  • Included/Not Included
  • Itineraries
  • Packages
  • Payment Plans

... and more.

2. Booking API

Allows you to retrieve the following data sets created on WeTravel’s platform:

  • List of orders and associated booking data for a specific trip
  • List of trip orders and associated booking data for a specific buyer
  • Associated booking data for a specific order

3. Transaction API

Allows you to retrieve data from WeTravel regarding transactions that are taking place in the platform, such as:

  • Payments processed
  • Refunds or disputes
  • Payouts
  • Adjustments
  • Card transfers
  • Supplier transfers
  • Top ups

You can get the information of all transactions or specific ones.

4. Payment API

Allows you to retrieve data from WeTravel regarding payments that are taking place in the platform. You can access a list of all payments or specific ones.

Vendors Transfers

If you want more information on how these works and all the things you can achieve with our booking and payment solution’s Public APIs, please follow this link.

Upgrade To WeTravel Pro To Enjoy Zapier Integration

Automating your workflows helps you stay on top of all the moving parts in your business. Without the technology, managing your teams, new and established clients, prospective leads, suppliers, and service providers can get complicated pretty quickly.

We bet that you didn’t go into business to be held down by mountains of administrative and repetitive work.

You went into business to provide an exceptional travel experience to your clients.

Integrating your WeTravel account with your favorite web apps and programs via Zapier helps you to streamline your day-to-day and work better with your teams.

Zapier integration is only available to our Pro Plan customers. So, if you want to upgrade or find out more about our pricing or features, get in touch.