WeTravel Basic, Pro, and Enterprise Account Types: Which One Is Right For Me?

October 07, 2020
Jen Corley (she/her)
3 min read

All WeTravel accounts support you with essential tools to help you collect payments, manage bookings, and transfer funds. 

Basic accounts are a great way for anyone to get started, free of charge.  

Pro accounts, designed for companies and teams, go the extra mile in terms of customization, sales enablement, and workflow automation. 

Enterprise accounts represent a fully custom approach, where our tools are individually tailored to your specific business needs.

We first introduced our three-tier pricing structure in 2020, and since then we’ve conducted thousands of sales and account management calls to better help us understand what success looks like at the Basic, Pro, and Enterprise levels.

Analyzing our customer feedback, we’ve identified some common themes. We believe that these are the five questions you should be asking yourself when considering whether to go with a Basic account or upgrade to Pro.


To decide if partnering with us at the Enterprise level makes sense, you may need additional information; get in touch with us here.

1. How important is your brand to your customer journey?

Some travel companies have spent years building names for themselves, while other entrepreneurs are able to grow businesses rapidly around an already-established personal brand or community. In these cases, a customer’s decision to book a particular trip may be closely linked to their positive associations with the brand behind it.

If this resonates with you, you likely share this conviction with the majority of WeTravel Pro account holders: your brand is a core part of your offer.

WeTravel Pro enables your own branding on everything your customers see, including the structure of your booking URLs and the presentation of your login pages, trip pages, email communications, and booking dashboards.

This means you’re able to better tailor WeTravel’s payments & bookings technology to reflect your business’s visual identity and operational processes. The result? A customized user experience that reinforces confidence in your brand.

2. Are you looking for tools to generate more sales & marketing leads?

It goes without saying: To convert more leads to bookings, you need a seamless user experience on your sales pages.

In terms of user experience, WeTravel’s streamlined, mobile-optimized checkout flow & convenient payment plans (available to all account tiers) win out relative to almost all other options on the market. 

However, WeTravel Pro has a dedicated set of tools that can make your offerings accessible to a wider audience, further increasing your ability to convert leads to bookings.

These include payment plans with “extras” (customizable installment amounts and optional customer auto-billing) and Go Fund Me-style contribution pages for fundraising.

Beyond this, though, Pro accounts also create opportunities for you to generate more leads. 

Our “download brochure” and “ask a question” features allow you to collect contact information from prospective customers and assemble a pool of sales & marketing leads directly within your WeTravel account.

3. Are you concerned about safeguarding your business from a legal perspective?

All WeTravel accounts lend the peace of mind that comes with features like bank-level SSL encryption, adherence to privacy legislation worldwide, and the ability to integrate your terms & conditions into the checkout process.

WeTravel Pro lends the added security of stronger document collection options. In addition to collecting questionnaire responses from your participants, you can require them to submit ink-signed documents.

Do this by using Pro’s document upload feature, or by having your customers e-Sign online, directly within WeTravel.

The best part? It’s a win-win situation – you enhance your legal protections and you simplify your customers’ booking process. They don’t have to follow external links or interact with other service providers; it’s fast, straightforward, and all in one place.

4. Are you sure your tech is delivering all of the insights & efficiencies it could?

Analytics, automations, integrations, oh my!

Use our Pro-only Google Analytics integration to better understand activity on your sales pages. 

Plus, Pro accounts include reporting dashboards to snapshot all of your booking & financial data in one place. Use them to visualize data so you can put practical analytics to work in guiding your day-to-day operations or informing bigger-picture strategic decisions.

With as much as WeTravel does, we realize it’s probably not the only software you’re using. 

Our Pro-only Zapier integration helps data flow from WeTravel to thousands of other software programs like Google Sheets, Mailchimp, Quickbooks, and more - no coding required!

If you have custom needs beyond Zapier, our four public APIs enable an ever wider set of options for data flow between WeTravel and other software applications.

5. Do you wish you had extra support from the WeTravel team?

Finally, if you’re just now realizing all of the great features included in WeTravel Pro, you might benefit from having a dedicated account manager. 

Our account management team can help both when urgent issues crop up and are available for quarterly business review calls – all to make sure you’re getting the most from working with us.

Or, if you’re just getting started with WeTravel, the support of an account manager and/or migration consultant can help you get set as quickly as possible, with minimal headache.

An Industry Leading Solution For Group and Multi-Day Travel

In summary: We appreciate your business (whether you’re a Basic, Pro, or Enterprise account holder) and hope you’ll join the growing community of WeTravel subscribers who have achieved results like these:

If you do opt for a subscription with us, our plans are payable either monthly or annually – whatever works best for your business.

There’s no contract to sign, and you can cancel at any time you please. We also offer a no-strings-attached, 30 day money-back guarantee for anyone who’d like to see how our Pro account might help grow their business.  

And, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve our product and support services. Prospective customers: submit product feedback ; current customers, join our WeTravel Innovation Council here.