We Travel For Women+: Tebelelo Sephuma, We Love Travel

March 14, 2023
Tebelelo Sephuma (she/her)
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Tebelelo Sephuma (she/her)

CEO and Founder, We Love Travel
Live from: Cape Town, South Africa

Hello, my name is Tebelelo Sephuma. I'm a South African travel business owner and group travel curator. My travel journey started as a solo traveler in 2017. After a year of exploring on my own, I started my company to help others navigate group travel easier by curating trips to destinations I had explored on my own.

I'm currently based in Cape Town, South Africa,  and I’ve been fortunate enough to work with travelers from all over the globe. 

I began working in the travel industry as simply a deep desire I had to see the world beyond my borders – but because of the lack of representation, I didn't think it was possible for a woman like me to build a career in travel. I wanted to rediscover myself after a failed career working in a male-dominated television and film production industry. 


Tebelelo Sephuma


I was working on a travel show and quickly realized that I wanted to see more of the world. It wasn't a matter of why I'd be starting, it was really a “WHY NOT?”  It just made sense that my love and curiosity for travel would serve better by helping others.

As a woman entrepreneur, it's been life changing to say the least; I’ve learned so much through curating experiences for others and through navigating the challenges of being an African woman working on a global scale. My biggest challenge has been making a difference in a space lacking in representation and encouraging the western world to see more of Africa. The African continent has so much to offer and I just happen to be so proud to show off the best of Africa.

I think gradually over the years we’re now seeing a shift. African women are taking up space where we are largely underrepresented. Whether I personally feel supported or represented as an African woman working on a global scale, I’d have to say no. The WeTravel interview is the first to ever offer me such an opportunity, which I'm grateful for.

We need to keep cheering for other women+ –it’s one of my biggest motivations. I have an all-women team who are so supportive in my vision. I love seeing us thrive and supporting each other. On a broader scale there's definitely an unspoken sense of competitiveness that comes with the territory of any business environment. I'm a firm believer that there are ways to positively coexist. I’ve had other travel business owners work with me which has been great!

Women’s History Month means celebrating all that defines a woman. It’s a time to recognise and acknowledge the progress we have made in every industry globally. A time to be proud of our own success and achievements. A time to acknowledge each other’s contributions to the travel industry. To guide and grow onto what is being built.