We Travel For Women+: Carolina Witt, WeTravel

March 16, 2023
Carolina Witt (she/her)
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Carolina Witt (she/her)

Account Executive LATAM, WeTravel
Live from: Quito, Ecuador

I’m Carolina, passionate about Travel and Tourism, a people person and very outgoing. Some of the activities I enjoy the most are taking walks with my husband and dogs, visiting new places every year and spending time with my family.

I’m based in my hometown Quito, Ecuador. As an Account Executive, I help Latin American travel and tourism companies thrive in online sales with WeTravel

I always wanted a career that enabled me to travel and to meet new people and cultures. At first I was in the hospitality industry because I wanted to work in hotels.

But once I studied abroad, I realized how much I enjoyed talking about my country and inviting everyone to come visit.


Carolina Witt


I’ve been inspired by both male and female+ leaders in my career. However, I have to mention that women+ are leaders in the travel and tourism industry due to our attention to detail, our willingness to help others, that comes easier and more natural than most men. 

I’m not saying men cannot do it, I just have found in my path more women+ that have inspired me to do so. However, on the not so bright side, many women+ still need to “justify” how they got where they are, professionally speaking. In my opinion, many women's work is still very undervalued, and society still considers that our  jobs must be easy, must not be so time consuming, must be fun, and definitely something anyone can do.

I do, as I mentioned earlier, I see a lot of travel industry companies being led by women+. We’re naturally driven to help people! It’s in our core and lately I’ve seen and experienced the fact that most females are being considered for leading roles. Same as men, we deserve the chance to demonstrate our potential, our strength and our intelligence.

Some women wish to have families, some others feel complete with themselves, and the fact that companies are now giving maternity and paternity leaves are great examples of how women+ are being supported in the industry, by sharing the responsibility with their partners. 

Is the moment for all of us to acknowledge where we stand, both professionally and personally, is very inspiring. This month, let’s remember all the roads and years before us, where we didn’t have the freedoms and rights we now take “for granted” to keep fighting for our future as individuals in this world!