We Travel For Women+: Adriana H. Font, Foodie Tours

March 23, 2023
Adriana H. Font (she/her)
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Adriana H. Font (she/her)

Owner and Director, Foodie Tours
Live from: Costa Rica

I’m a woman who loves nature and adventure. I like to explore new experiences when I travel, especially related to gastronomy and culture. I consider myself an extremely curious person with an inquisitive mind. I’m a creative person who likes to share ideas and constantly learn new things.

I work at Foodie Tours Costa Rica; I’m an entrepreneur, I’m the Founder and Director of the company. Right now, I work all roles in one and I’m learning everyday how to deal with it.

I started working in the travel industry as I was inspired by my father who owned a travel agency. I used to help him sometimes with site inspections, marketing, sales, and customer service. 

A few years later I decided to take my own path.

My personal experience as a female has good and bad aspects. I found genuine support mostly from women, but, unfortunately, when it was about dealing with men, many times I felt that I wasn’t taken seriously or I even felt disrespected when at meetings the questions would become more about my personal life than professional questions. 

At some places I would not feel safe if I was on my own, but I would not let that stop me or to decline a site inspection or a meeting, with the time I learned how to deal with uncomfortable situations. 


Adriana H. Font

I think that as one advances in the travel and tourism industry, one finds people who are in tune. In Costa Rica and other countries I have managed to find support programs and women leaders willing to collaborate and support each other.

I participated in an acceleration program for women-entrepreneurs that helped me create contacts and alliances, we share knowledge, ideas and experiences that help us empower ourselves and support each other. Now, I’ve taken several online free courses for women.

Knowledge is the key, making tools available, support groups, training, integration activities, spaces for them to publicize their projects, recommend them, give them feedback on their areas of opportunity and improvement. 

This year, Women’s History Month has taken me by surprise and I’m very excited. As entrepreneurs we make many efforts that we think go unnoticed, sometimes there’s a feeling of loneliness along the way where we cheer in front of the mirror to motivate ourselves every day, because only each one knows the courage it takes day by day to move forward with our business, so suddenly feeling involved gives you extra motivation, the option to share a little bit about what you do and who you are.