14 Travel Business Podcasts To Tune Into Today

October 11, 2021
Lucas Ennis (he/him)
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Travel business podcasts (like newsletters) are an excellent way to keep up with industry trends and learn valuable tips and tricks to grow your business. Plus, research shows that listening to podcasts is actually good for your brain. 

Luckily for us, there are loads of amazing podcasts out there for any travel business owner. Whether you want to improve your marketing strategy or learn what’s happening in the industry, there’s a podcast for you. 

Check out these 14 business podcasts for some of the best resources in travel.

Digital Presence For Travel Companies

14 Insightful Travel Business Podcasts

1. InPhocus

Link: https://www.phocuswright.com/Travel-Research/Research-Updates/2020/InPhocus-Podcast-Series

This podcast is by PhocusWire and Phocuswright. It covers everything business owners need to know about the travel and tourism industry. 

The podcast dives into the latest trends, pressing news, and current events connected to travel, hospitality, tourism, and technology.

The weekly episodes are diverse, each one involving a special guest. As a result, they cover plenty of helpful and insightful topics for travel business owners.

2. Tourpreneur

Link: https://tourpreneur.com/

Each episode in the Tourpreneur podcast features an expert guest from a specific niche in the industry, be it travel marketing, food tours, experience experts, and more. 

Uncover the stories behind many great travel entrepreneurs. Learn about their processes, their successes and failures, and what’s next on the horizon. 

3. The Skift Podcast

Link: https://podcast.skift.com/

The Skift Podcast features industry-leading entrepreneurs and executives who sit down to discuss all kinds of insightful travel industry topics. Some of the latest include topics on the event industry, vaccinations in the U.S., and diversity in travel.

The conversations on The Skift Podcast are always entertaining and feature expert speakers. As a travel business owner, you’ll be able to take away a wide range of skills and insights from this show.

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4. As Told By Nomads

Link: https://tayorockson.com/media

As Told By Nomads is hosted by digital marketing expert Tayo Rockson. It’s no surprise then that it’s one of the best travel business podcasts for anyone who wants to sharpen their marketing skills. 

Although the podcast isn’t explicitly focused on the travel industry, it offers plenty of creative insight into what it takes to become a more inclusive and global leader. Listen to interviews with changemakers, entrepreneurs, and global nomads discussing what it takes in today’s world. 

5. The Digital Tourism Show

Link: https://tourismmarketing.agency/the-digital-tourism-show/

The Digital Tourism Show by Chris Torres covers everything from social media to advertising, marketing, and experiences for tour operators. Each week Chris invites a new guest to speak on topics to help travel business owners boost bookings, client value, revenue, and more.

6. How I Got Here

Link: https://www.phocuswire.com/How-I-Got-Here

How I Got Here is another podcast from PhocusWire hosted by Kevin May. It’s a fun show that aims to inspire business owners with other travel and transport industry success stories. 

Each episode features a different entrepreneur who talks about their journey to date. You’ll learn many helpful insights on how these entrepreneurs have built up successful businesses and the obstacles they’ve overcome along the way. 

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7. The Future of Tourism

Link: https://www.simpleviewinc.com/the-future-of-tourism-podcast/

This is one of the top travel business podcasts to lean in on candid conversations around industry trends, challenges, and news. 

David Peacock, the podcast host, chats to various travel industry leaders about everything from technology to destinations. 

8. Entrepreneurs On Fire

Link: https://www.eofire.com/podcast/

John Lee Dumas created this award-winning podcast to help young entrepreneurs. Guests on the show include some massive names, like Gary Vee and Tim Ferris. 

As you can imagine from the caliber of people hosted on Entrepreneurs On Fire, this podcast offers incredibly valuable advice, insights, and motivation for every business owner. 

There are also new episodes every day so that you can access a constant stream of daily motivation.

9. Travel Business Success Podcast

Link: https://www.travelbusinesssuccess.com/travel-business-success-podcast/

This podcast by Tourism Tim Warren covers everything you need to know to build a successful tourism business

The host and guests cover topics such as leadership in tourism, reservation systems, OTAs, start-up tips, and much more during the episodes. 

If you want to develop your business and reach more customers, this podcast is a great resource. 

10. Tourism Marketing Mastery

Link: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/tourism-marketing-mastery/id1478428123

Tourism Marketing Mastery

Tourism Marketing Mastery is one of the great travel business podcasts for businesses that run a tourism destination.  

Hosted by resort marketing manager Erik Hatterscheidt, you’ll find travel marketing and revenue management tips to help accelerate growth and increase bookings in your destination. 

11. Youpreneur

Link: https://youpreneur.com/podcast/

Chris Ducker, an experienced business podcaster and bestselling author, hosts this excellent podcast for entrepreneurs. 

Travel business owners can learn about building a successful brand and staying up to date with market changes. Chris shares many valuable tactics and advice to help any kind of entrepreneur succeed in their industry. 

12. Travel Massive Podcast

Link: https://www.travelmassive.com/posts/travel-massive-weekly-podcast-753487940

Joel Chevaillier is host to the Travel Massive podcast. Expect to find loads of valuable insights, tips, and trends for business owners within the travel industry. There are interviews with industry execs, travel vloggers, destination experts, and more. 

13. Travel Geniuses

Link: https://travelgeniuses.com/travel-geniuses-podcast/

Travel Geniuses is a valuable resource for travel agents and businesses. Hosted by Christy Camren, this show dives into everything agents need to know about running a successful operation. 

Christy covers topics like technology, marketing, legalities, and money management. The goal is to provide actionable insights to help listeners stay ahead of industry best practices. 

14. Tourism Entrepreneur Podcast

Link: https://www.tourismentrepreneur.com/latest-episodes/

Podcasts For Travel Companies

This relatively new podcast covers a range of timely topics related to the travel industry. It explores everything from building a more inclusive workplace to operating within an emerging post-pandemic travel industry. 

The podcast looks into travel industry trends and showcases exciting travel businesses. It also offers valuable advice for any tourism entrepreneur. 


The podcasts above will be sure to educate and inspire anyone in the travel industry. If you want to learn new ways to innovate and improve your business, these travel business podcasts are well worth checking out.

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