New Year, New Trends: Travel Bookings and Payments in 2024

January 22, 2024
Morgan Mostrom (she/her)
1 min read

To create an effective strategy to convert more traveler bookings in 2024, it’s crucial to understand traveler booking preferences – from the experiences they want to book to how they want to book them. Below you'll find two resources to help you do just that.

New Year, New Trends Webinar

In January, our webinar, New Year, New Trends: Travel Bookings and Payments in 2024, led by WeTravel’s Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Zaky Prabowo, explored this year’s emerging trends as highlighted in our Annual Travel Trends report.

The live webinar has been recorded for you to gain valuable insights into traveler expectations to better curate your experiences – and increase your bookings.

What’s discussed:

  • Changes in booking patterns: From shorter lead times to mobile-first, instant bookings
  • Involvement in itineraries: Expectation to customize itineraries to meet traveler preferences
  • Mobile-friendly and optimized payments: Integrated local payment options for a global travel market

Watch Our Free Webinar: New Year, New Trends: Travel Bookings and Payments in 2024



WeTravel's Annual Travel Trends Report

Want access to the data while you watch the replay? WeTravel’s second-annual report, What’s Ahead for Travel Bookings and Payments, is available to download today, for free.

The Report compiles data from 600 global travel businesses, from six global markets to reveal: 

  • The emerging payment technologies that your business should offer in 2024, to align with travel expectations for greater payment flexibility 
  • How to leverage booking pattern changes to drive sales and improve traveler satisfaction
  • The importance of adapting new technologies to offer travelers the heightened level of personalization they’ve grown to expect 

Download your Report today – get ahead of the trends driving travel bookings in 2024.

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