Best Newsletters To Help You Grow Your Travel Business

May 05, 2022
Allan Formigoni (he/him)
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Subscribing to a newsletter is a great way to receive curated content directly in your email inbox. We are here to share a list of publications that send up-to-date news and exciting content to help your business thrive. You can get insights on industry trends, entrepreneurial tips, and find motivation as a travel business owner.

No matter your area of specialty within tourism, there are plenty of interesting, informative, and entertaining newsletters to suit you.

Here is our roundup of the ten best travel and tourism newsletters to help you grow your business.

10 Great Newsletters Travel Companies Can Subscribe To

1. WeTravel

WeTravel sends out a regular newsletter specifically for travel industry professionals. There is something in it for tour operators, travel businesses, and trip leaders, among other others.

In addition to the group travel sector, WeTravel also has a newsletter designed for wellness and retreat professionals.

Each month, the newsletter contains a collection of curated content from industry-leading sites, as well as original content from the WeTravel Academy. In it, you can find inspiring industry stories, business and marketing tips, social media guides, guest spotlights, and more.

You will also get updates on WeTravel's upcoming events, including webinars and panel discussions, in case you would like to join. Plus, resources such as business courses, eBooks, tools, and templates, go out in the newsletter. Just submit the form on the right side of this article (or in any other Academy pieces), and you will start receiving it.

WeTravel newsletter

2. Skift

Skift is well known for the up-to-date news and research it publishes. The publication covers insights into several different travel sectors, including hotels, business travel, airlines, online travel, and more.

With topics ranging from supply chains and distribution to general industry outlooks, subscribing to Skift will give you access to all the latest cutting-edge news in travel.

One of the most interesting sections on Skift is its “Today in Travel” section, where it publishes the biggest global travel stories each day.

Whether you’re looking for the latest country updates around COVID-19 restrictions or want to discover on-demand travel events, Skift is a great place to find it.

3. World Tourism Organization

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) is a United Nations agency focused on the global tourism industry. Its newsletter is a source of information to keep the industry informed and guide tourism stakeholders in the right direction.

UNWTO has a lot of influence and is a very credible news source. Their frequent news updates cover everything travel operators need to know about the state of global travel, tourism recovery, and industry advancements.

4. Business Travel News

Business Travel News is a long-running source of information for tourism companies and travel managers involved in the business travel sector. This newsletter offers corporate travel analysis and deep industry research. Plus, it highlights current affairs and trends shaping the industry.

Business Travel News

Business Travel News offers a monthly physical publication and a free newsletter that distributes its digital publications.

While the Business Travel News Group is focused on the US, they have a couple of different newsletter options for international travel updates. This includes their BTN Global, BTN Daily, and BTN Travel Management newsletters.

5. Travel Weekly

Travel Weekly focuses on travel news and showcases pieces on the hottest travel destinations. While it's a useful source of information for travelers, it's also got plenty of content for travel businesses. The Travel Weekly podcast is focused on B2B in tourism.

Subscribe to the Travel Weekly newsletter to access timely travel news focused on destinations all around the globe. The publication also focuses on niche areas, like adventure travel, culinary travel, family travel, LGBTQ+ travel, and more. You can find your exact niche and read about all the latest industry developments.

Travel Weekly is a trusted voice of the travel industry, providing useful daily insights for all kinds of tourism professionals.

6. Tourpreneur

Tourpreneur is a community and podcast hosted by Shane Whaley, who has worked in the travel industry for twenty plus years. The community centers specifically around tour operators, helping them to keep up to date with the tours and activities industries.


Shane curates and shares news on topics ranging from the latest trends to technology and operating a business in today’s landscape. Sign up for the newsletter to get alerts when Tourpreneuer’s latest podcast episodes and blog posts go live.

7. The Hustle

The Hustle is a popular daily newsletter for business and tech news. The newsletter is fun and easy to read, keeping you updated with the world's biggest headlines and stories.

While not focused on travel, The Hustle is a solid place for entrepreneurs or business owners to learn about tech trends and the latest global business developments.

The travel industry is influenced by various events that happen around the world. Keeping a finger on the pulse of this type of news is a great way to get inspired by other businesses and innovators and understand some of the most significant entrepreneurial developments. 

Besides all that, it’s also a very entertaining daily read.

8. TechCrunch

TechCrunch is not a travel-specific news source, but it will keep you updated on the latest global technology news. As a travel business owner, staying up to date with tech developments is critical, and the TechCrunch newsletter is one of the best resources to help you do this.

Travel technology news

The publication has a daily newsletter called The Daily Crunch that rounds up the biggest tech news and events in the world each day. This will help you grasp the technology and habits that are shaping the travel industry.

TechCrunch focuses on the internet of things, data and security news, startups, and virtual payments technology are a few examples of the helpful content travel managers can access.

9. PhocusWire

PhocusWire is another publication that requires little introduction. It’s part of the Phocuwright group and focuses on technology in tourism. The editorial team regularly interviews leading experts who are actively involved in the digitization of the industry and know their way around travel technology.

By signing up for the newsletter and following the publication, you will get access to the latest research, expert analysis, and industry data in tourism. Using these insights, you will be able to understand the market better and make informed decisions for your business.

10. Go World Travel

Go World Travel Magazine is a leading source of information for travelers. While it's not geared towards industry professionals, it's still a valuable place to see what's going on in the travel industry and what some of the most prominent travel brands are doing.

Go World Travel

Subscribe to the Go World Travel newsletter to find out what’s happening in the most popular global destinations. You will also get the latest travel stories and updated travel guides. This is a great way to get into the mindset of today's travelers and understand the content and destinations that they’re interested in.

Being so full of up-to-date travel information, Go World Travel can help to keep you inspired and excited about the state of global travel.


Travel news is always changing, so it's vital for travel businesses to stay ahead of industry developments and changes. The newsletters we’ve listed are all credible sources of travel information and news.

These newsletters all offer valuable information if you want to learn how to grow your business, find out about the latest travel tech, or are interested in breaking news stories.

Subscribing to them is easy, and it can add a great deal of value to any travel business operator.

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