Top 3 Foods You Must Try in Spain

November 3, 2015
Kayla Bernardino
4 min read

Read this little snippet of delicious favorites from two travelling sisters, Janice and Juliet, who hail all the way from Germany. They blessed Wetravel with the best foods and mouth-watering pictures from when they were visiting Mallorca, (also know as Majorca), the littlest Mediterranean gem of Spain. Keep reading to find out why you have to visit Mallorca, Spain according to the cruise sisters.

Our favourite Spanish foods in Mallorca

The spanish island Mallorca is our most-loved island in the western mediterranean sea – not only because of the wonderful weather, the beautiful beaches and the picturesque mountainous regions but also because of the delicious variety of food! We visit Mallorca at least once a year to get this mediterranean feeling of relaxation, joy and easiness. Tasty food is very important to feel happy and happiness is what we want during our holidays.

Right from the beginning you will feel at home and absolutely welcome in Mallorca. The atmosphere is very friendly. You sleep long, stay up late and eat outdoors while viewing the ocean. This island offers a culinary experience you will never forget. Therefore we will introduce you to three of our favourite dishes and give you some insider tips on where to try them:

  1. Talk and snack: Tapas

Whenever you want to have a snack or just sit with some friends, talk and eat, you have to go to a spanish tapas bar! You will love it – there is a broad variety of cold and hot tapas (snacks). In tapas bars you will find native and foreign guests chatting, drinking some wine and eating for hours. Every time we visit a tapas bar, we cannot resist ordering patatas bravas (fried potato wings with spicy sauce), calamares (fried squids), pimientos de padrón (peppers) and croquetas de pollo (chicken croquettes). You simply have to try four or five tapas and next time you order different ones. We love to go to the tapas club in Portixol with view of the ocean. If you are close by, try it!

  1. Dinner time: Paella

The Paella is a spanish national dish and our favourite food for dinner time. It is a rice dish with meat and/or fish, however you like it, but always spiced with saffron. It is traditionally served in a big rice pan and you always get lemon with it, to squeeze it over the rice. Paella usually has to be ordered for at least two persons. There are different kinds of paella:

  • Paella Ciega – The „blind“ paella with meat, fish and seafood. It is served without bones and shells, so you can enjoy the taste without any worries.
  • Pallea Mixta – A mixed paella with meat, fish and seafood, but here you have to remove bones and shells by yourself.
  • Paella de Verdura – A vegetarian paella.
  • Paella Marisco – Only fish and seafood, no meat.

Our absolute favourite type is paella ciega. You can try this dish in the harbour of Palma de Mallorca. We recommend to you the restaurant Sa Cranca right on the Paseo Maritimo (the coastal road). You can enjoy a good paella and other spanish dishes while enjoying the view of ships and the harbour. At lunch time, you can get a three course menu for 16 Euros per person including also water and bread.

  1. So sweet: Ensaimada

We just love ensaimada! Now you are almost full after trying tapas or paella – but you have to try this pastry product. It is made with flour, sugar, eggs, water, dough and a kind of pork lard and can be served in different varieties, plain (called Lisa) filled with cream (Nata), custard (Crema), pumpkin (Cabello de Angel) or chocolate (Chocolata). They are all very tasty and very sweet. You probably cannot try them all but you should try at least one to get a feeling of this traditional pastry. Every bakery should have them. You can buy small hand-sized ones or even big ones the size of a pizza to take back home. If you have some time to stroll around Palma, go visit the Cafe Ca‘n Joan de S’Aigo near the Plaza Mayor in the city centre. It is very nostalgic and everything is self-made. Also the ice-cream (served in glasses)!

We hope you got curious and are already planning your next trip to Mallorca to try some delicious Spanish foods! Find out more about Mallorca and other destinations in the western Mediterranean on our cruise blog.