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Employees in the travel industry interact with a wide range of people from many walks of life, with different languages and cultures– making it one of the world’s most diverse industries. It would come naturally then that having a varied team improves not only your travel company, but also your performance and teamwork.

Religion, culture, sexual orientation, language, age, educational backgrounds, abilities, and socioeconomic status are all examples of diversity found within a team. And there are many benefits to having diversity within your team. For one, studies have repeatedly shown that diverse workforces benefit companies’ bottom lines. In fact, according to LinkedIn, a 2018 study by the Boston Consulting Group “stated that companies with more diverse teams secured 19% higher revenue.” However, the benefits go far beyond just boosting your company’s bottom line.

Here are five ways diverse teams can improve your travel business’s success:

1. Diverse Teams Improve Company Culture

While the common belief is that having similar personalities within the same team is most beneficial, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Diversity actually helps employees to practice openness towards differences in people.

As you put effort into increasing diversity among your team members, you will simultaneously increase the feeling of acceptance among employees while also opening up new lines of communication. At times it can be difficult for individuals to think outside the box and share their own ideas. However, if you cultivate a culture of acceptance, team members are likely to feel more comfortable sharing their ideas and discovering new problem solving methods. 

2. Diverse Teams Enhance Creativity

An easy-to-miss benefit of having a diverse workforce is the increased creativity to approach and solve challenges. Diversity in a team allows everyone to draw from a wide range of viewpoints and ideas, resulting in an exponential rise in the pool of knowledge, insight, and experience. 

A diverse team brings forth multiple fresh perspectives leading to better ideas– not only for you, but also for your clients. According to Harvard Business Review, various studies have shown that hiring more women and culturally diverse team members boosts company innovation– “In a nutshell, enriching your employee pool with representatives of different genders, races, and nationalities is key for boosting your company’s joint intellectual potential.” 

Consider this: What kind of ideas might a team of like-minded individuals produce? Most likely similar ones. If you have diverse team members, you will be more likely to have new ideas and spark innovation – a key aspect of success.

3. Diverse Teams Improve Teamwork

Common complaints among business owners involve communication issues among team members and heightened competitiveness. And while you cannot completely eliminate competitiveness, diversity promotes acceptance and increased communication skills through awareness.

Competitors are typically motivated by a belief that the other person is better than they are, which leads to a competition over who is superior. However, being a part of a diverse team makes it easier to maintain an open mind about new ideas, which increases trust and collaboration.

This is one of many reasons why diverse teams have more effective collaborations, as people improve their own self-awareness and willingness to have an open mind – resulting in improved trust and better teamwork throughout challenging tasks.

4. Diverse Teams Boost Morale

“Morale-boosting techniques” is a popular Google search made by business owners. This is because good company morale ensures employee satisfaction and increases employee retention. 

If you’ve been worried about dipping morale in your office, consider this: A diverse team can actually help to improve morale as employees feel more included and appreciated. Specifically, studies show that diversity climates enhance favorable work outcomes through fostering increased trust and openness among employees.

When employees feel more comfortable in an inclusive environment, they’re more likely to thrive, which will be reflected in their performance, engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty to your business.

5. Diverse Teams Increase Profits 

As mentioned earlier, diverse teams are also good for business. One of the best ways to differentiate yourself among competitors is to be distinctive, which is a reflection of a company’s creativity. Being different is what helps you stand out from the competition and to stick in people’s minds. 

Not only that, but consumers are more inclined to support a business that is inclusive and diverse over one that is not. Recent years have been characterized by the “rise of the inclusive consumer” according to McKinsey— as social values have increasingly impacted consumer decisions. 

Further, employees also favor inclusive businesses. According to Rewardian, 67% of job seekers said diverse workforces are important to them, while 83% of millennials said they are more engaged when they believe their company fosters an inclusive culture.

Therefore, your business is bound to see more engagement, growth, and productivity if you create a diverse and inclusive work environment! 

With all of these things considered, diversifying your travel business should be at the top of your priority list as you face the challenge of growing your company. While making a change in your business may feel scary, a diverse staff is well worth the investment!

Above all, prioritize creating an inclusive atmosphere where people can thrive and flourish – automatically bringing out their best selves and improving your business while they’re at it!