Pinterest & Wellness Marketing: 6 Key Questions Answered

August 16, 2021
Jen Corley (she/her)
4 min read

Are you interested in trying out Pinterest marketing for your wellness business?

When it comes to growing and nurturing a community on social media, Pinterest isn’t typically the first to mind. But, as a unique, visually-focused search engine used for planning and discovering new ideas, it can present great marketing opportunities for wellness brands.

Using Pinterest To Grow Your Community

According to Neil Patel, Pinterest pins are shared 100 times more than a tweet. Up against Facebook, a pin’s half-life is 1,6000 times longer than a post on FB.

Aside from those, it's also relatively hands-off to do marketing on the platform. Facebook and Instagram require you to be actively present and engage your audience almost daily. However, with the right approach on Pinterest, you can see results by only putting in an hour or two per week.

The idea is to use the platform to post relevant, appealing pins that your target audience will love, pin, and share.

The visibility this creates is then a means to send visitors to your website, where you can get them to join your community and take one step closer to becoming a client. It's a great place to gather more awareness and interest around your retreat destinations, products, professional offerings, or blog posts.

Here are six key questions around Pinterest marketing that any wellness business should consider. Think about these and use them to refine your marketing strategy to achieve better results.

Top Pinterest Marketing Questions Answered For Wellness Professionals and Businesses

1. Is Pinterest Right For My Wellness Brand?

Pinterest can be an excellent marketing platform, but it doesn’t work for every business. Pinterest marketing is more effective for evergreen products rather than time-specific events. This is because Pinterest content can continue being found for months or even years after being posted.

If you provide classes, offer regular retreats, or a service that is always available, then Pinterest is a perfect platform.

2. Am I Using The Right Account?

Working through a business rather than an individual account gives you access to all the valuable analytics that you need to shape your strategy.

On a business account, you’ll also be able to use the various powerful features that draw the most attention, such as shoppable and promoted pins.

There is also the Pinstitute, which is the platform’s own resource for educational marketing materials to help you succeed.

A quick tip to get your profile seen by more users is to ensure that your bio and profile picture are up to date and relevant to the audience you want to attract.

Pinterest & Wellness Marketing

3. How Do I Get More Eyes On My Pins?

At the moment, Pinterest has 454 million monthly active users. While this means that there are loads of potential new clients to get your wellness content in front of, it also means you’ll have to work at standing out.

When you start creating pins, you need to optimize them for the right keywords. Remember, Pinterest is a search engine, so Pinterest SEO applies. Understand what keywords are important for your business, and include them in your bio, boards, and pin descriptions along with the right hashtags.

4. Should I Be Running Paid Promotions?

Much like other social media sites, Pinterest offers paid advertising, known as promoted pins.

Promoting your pins can be a quick way to get them seen by more users, especially if you're new to the platform and don't have much of a following yet.

If you’re hoping to gain quick traction from Pinterest marketing, you can try out promoted pins to see how effective they are. Be mindful of tracking your ad spend and ROAS to see how these promotions weigh up against your expectations and if they are worthwhile.

Paid Pinterest Advertising

5. What Type Of Pins Should I Create? How and When Should I Publish Them?

As Pinterest is a visual platform, the first rule is to always create pins with high-quality images and a strong visual appeal. Don’t try to condense too much information into them. It's more important that they look good and stand out to the right audience.

An excellent way to gauge where to start is to type your brand's most important keywords and take a look at the best-performing content. This should give you some ideas on the type of format and layout that may work best for your audience.

Types Of Pins

There are several different pin and board formats that you can create with your business account, including:

  • Regular pins
  • Repins
  • Promoted pins
  • Rich Pins
  • Regular boards
  • Secret boards
  • Group boards

Using Pinterest Boards

Effective Pinterest marketing doesn’t only involve creating your own content; it's also about sharing other popular content. This is an excellent strategy because it helps you attract an audience through compelling content without creating it all yourself.

When you get started with Pinterest, you will need to use boards.

Create at least one board that matches your business and the ethos of your brand. Use this board to post and share relevant content that appeals to the community you want to attract.

Post Consistently

Pinterest Publishing Calendar

If you're using this platform for wellness marketing, you should have a consistent posting strategy. Don't worry about posting too much content; you want to have as much relevant content on Pinterest as you can.

6. What If I’m Not On Pinterest?

Your ideal clients may hang out on Pinterest, making it an excellent place to market your wellness brand and products.

However, if you’re not on the platform, you can still get your website users to talk about your brand and share your content there. Add a social button to the content on your website that allows people to pin it to Pinterest. This way, even if you’re not doing the pinning yourself, your brand can still be present on the platform.

Final Thoughts

Pinterest marketing offers loads of potential for wellness businesses. It’s a great way to boost brand awareness, drive more traffic to your site, and attract interested clients.

By following a carefully created strategy and consistently pinning the right content, it’s absolutely possible to get more eyes on your wellness business.