How To Get More Facebook Likes For Your Travel Company

September 03, 2018
Maria Claudia Lira (she/her)
4 min read

As a business owner, you are probably aware of Facebook’s enormous reach and want to know How To Get More Facebook Likes For Your Travel Company which can generate trade by harnessing some of that reach.

Statistics released earlier this year mark Facebook as the largest social media platform with 2.23 billion active monthly users accessing it. This number has steadily been on the rise since its inception with new users, both personal and business, signing up every day.

This means that for your travel business there is a huge opportunity to grow your Facebook page and generate Facebook likes. Ultimately you want to link your page to your website and to your other social media platforms to promote your company and generate sales.

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Facebook For Travel Companies

How To Grow Your Facebook Page

First things first. Though this might seem like an obvious pointer, in order to get Facebook Likes for your Travel Company, you have to put together an appealing Facebook page that will engage your followers.

Fill in the About section with as much detail as possible. Include your contact information, interests, and outline your travel offering. This will let your followers know what your page is about and provide basic information on your travel company. It also makes your page more credible in Facebook’s algorithm. We will go into more detail on what this means a little further down.

To get some traction going on your Facebook page invite your Facebook friends, existing contacts, and your employees to like and share the page. For a personal touch when you send out the invitation, include a short message to introduce your Travel Company and let them know what they stand to gain from liking your page.

Don’t be shy to ask them to share the page with their own contacts, just be sure not to spam everyone with a sales pitches right off the bat.

How To Get More Facebook Likes

How To Get More Facebook Likes After You Have Reached Out To Existing Contacts

You want your Facebook page to attain thousands of Facebook likes so that you have an audience to market your Travel Company to - Cue Social Network.

Identify other companies who are relevant to your niche but not direct competitors to your business. Like and Follow their page then interact with them by posting thoughtful comments on, or sharing their Facebook posts. Tag them in posts on your page, or in comments on theirs.

Ultimately you want to get noticed by other major pages. Actively participating in posts on their Facebook page will make you more visible on their platform which means more people will be exposed to your Travel Company.

Unless directly asked by the page administrators, it is best not to promote your travel offering on their page as this may lead them to view your post as spam. Instead, encourage any potentially interested followers to visit and like your Facebook page.

Apply the same concept to your interactions with Facebook groups. These often either function as a marketplace or serve as an informational or community page. Unless the group is specifically a marketplace, stick to engaging with its members in a bid to generating traffic and Facebook likes for your own page.

How To Get More Facebook Likes

Use Engaging Content To Keep Your Facebook Page Growing

Facebook is a social platform - people use it to connect with others.  Sharing informative or entertaining content that people can engage with is the key component needed to create a connection with your followers.

Compile a library of up to date, inspiring, and relevant travel videos, images, and written content that you can share regularly on your page to generate Facebook likes. Maximize your reach by sharing the content to your website blog and other linked social media platforms at the same time.

How To Get More Facebook Likes

Insider tip: Install the Facebook Page Plugin on your website to allow people to like and share your Facebook page without leaving your website.

The Facebook Algorithm And What It Means For Your Newsfeed

We mentioned the Facebook algorithm earlier in this article and will explain it a bit further now. The short explanation is that it is the set of rules that Facebook uses to determine the content and order posts appear to a user on their news feed.

The revised 2018 algorithm favors posts that are meaningful to the user and which encourage active interaction such as commenting and sharing over posts that generate passive interaction such as likes and quick click-throughs.

Facebook’s objective is to improve the user experience. Your Facebook post will appear higher up on your followers feed over the hundreds of other possibilities IF the post is directly correlated to their interests or if it has generated interest amongst their own Facebook community.

What this means on Facebook for Travel Companies is that it is important to target your posts to particular interest groups. For example, create a post about a Walking Safari in Africa rather than a general post that lists a range of activities available at a specific lodge.

Schedule Regular Posts To Increase Your Visibility

Schedule your posts to be released regularly. While your followers might not remember or see a single release post in their news feed, if you regularly post content onto facebook then you will up your chance of getting noticed and increase the number of Facebook likes your posts receive.

Media management tools like Buffer allow you to load and then schedule the release of hundreds of posts across your social media platforms. From a business perspective, this saves time and helps you to manage all of your major social media platforms from a single point.

How To Get More Facebook Likes

Paid Advertising  

If you are still thinking of ways on how to get more facebook likes for your Travel Company then you might consider spending some of your marketing budget on paid advertising.  Facebook has their own version of this - Facebook Ads. How it works is users can choose from a range of different format adverts to suit a range of budgets and meet a target audience.

You are able to use Facebook Ads to promote a popular post to appear more frequently on your existing audience’s newsfeed. Alternatively, adverts can be used to promote a post or your page to a suitable target audience outside of your followers who share your interests. Our article on Facebook advertising gives more detailed insight on how to make the best of this marketing channel.

Marketing budget


On Facebook, generating likes equates to generating interest in your Travel Company.  So whether you generate more Facebook likes organically or by paid advertising,  you are nonetheless cultivating a large following to market your travel offering to. Remember to keep your offering original and create a personal one-on-one experience for your followers as this will see to the long-term sustainability of your business.

Use Facebook, along with other key distribution channels, as part of your marketing strategy for your travel business. Afterall, if you are not making the most of the various online marketing tools to market your Travel Company, then you are getting left behind.