See What Facebook Dynamic Travel Ads Can Do For Your Tourism Business

October 18, 2018
Zaky Prabowo (he/him)
4 min read

What Facebook originally started as Dynamic Product Ads have evolved and are now known as Dynamic Ads.

For the travel industry, Facebook Dynamic Travel Ads, or Dynamic Ads for Travel (DAT) are an online advertising solution that shows adverts to travelers who are to some degree, immersed in the travel booking or purchase phase.

Not only are ads visible on Facebook and Instagram, but they are also visible on the Audience Network which is a network of publisher-owned apps and sites. Advertisers are able to reach more of their target audience in the platform that they are spending time on.

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What Are Facebook Dynamic Ads For Travel

Facebook Dynamic Travel Ads allows your tourism business to retarget travelers who have already shown interest in a trip or activity either on your website, on your app, or even elsewhere on the internet with relevant offers.

Dynamic Ads capture information on user activity and then promote relevant offers to users across their Facebook and Instagram feeds with the intention of prompting them to pick up where they left off in the purchase process.

For example, when a traveler searches for a flight, hotel, or destination on your website but does not book, then Dynamic Ads for Travel allow you to target them with specific ads based on the dates and destination details that they entered.

Ad visibility is not limited to your business’ existing Facebook following, website, or app visitors as setting a broad target audience means your travel adverts will reach the Facebook and Instagram feeds of travelers who have expressed purchase intent elsewhere on the internet.

Facebook Dynamic Travel Ads

How Do Facebook Dynamic Travel Ads Work

There are three different feed or catalog types available for your travel ads on Facebook. They either fall into the hotels, flights, or destinations catalog categories. You compile a complete inventory of your product under the relevant categories and enter the objectives and ad sets for your campaign following that.

The ad set allows you to select your target audience. This is one of the most important steps in creating your campaign as it allows you to set rules to define your ads behavioral targeting.

Next up is the dynamic ad template that inserts images and information from your inventory to create an advert that matches your audience’s indicated travel objectives.

Because the ad format that Dynamic Ads for Travel uses is scalable, you do not need to create separate adverts for each of your products. Once a campaign is set up the adverts are ready to go live and target the optimized advert to the interested traveler at the right time.

Facebook Dynamic Travel Ads

Your Facebook Dynamic Travel Ads are always on for the duration of your ad campaign which means that they are always reaching travelers with relevant information based on their actions.

The Ads also work cross-device which means that they can be viewed by users on their preferred medium of mobile, desktop, or tablet and will follow the user across devices when they switch from one to the other.

Insider tip: start with a simple and broad audience target for your first few advertising campaigns to get the feel of how your adverts perform and avoid under-delivery on sales

Facebook Pixel and SDK For Event Tracking

You will need to implement the Facebook pixel in order for your Facebook Dynamic Ads for Travel to work. Additionally, you need to set up SDK on your mobile app and connect it to your catalog.

This piece of software is what keeps track of events, namely Search, ViewContent, InitiateCheckOut, and Purchase and allows you to identify visitors actions and intent when visiting your website. It is what drives the Facebook Dynamic Travel Ads ability to offer personalized adverts to travelers.

Facebook Dynamic Travel Ads

Why Dynamic Travel Ads Are Successful For Tourism Businesses

In addition to displaying relevant Facebook travel ads content to users, Dynamic Ads for Travel also redirects them to a customized landing page when they click through on the advert. The convenience aspect combined with high levels of personalization has proven to be a successful combination for getting a good ROI for travel advertisers.

The advanced tracking determines where travelers are in the booking funnel so that you know exactly what to offer them next in their travel booking process.

Additionally, the target audience on a campaign can be refined to such an extent that you can narrow down to specific demographics and search parameters such as couples who have viewed specific flights more than three times in the last two weeks.

Facebook Dynamic Travel Ads also provide the opportunity for you to cross-sell and upsell your travel products. For example, you can select to retarget a family of four travelers that have just purchased flights to Cape Town with hotel suite offers. Once the suite has been purchased you can upsell to family luxe suite that includes breakfast every day.

Ads can be set to only display to travelers leading up to their specified travel or check in dates so as to avoid spamming them with irrelevant ads. It also prevents unnecessary ad expenditure promoting to people who have already made a purchase.

Facebook Dynamic Travel Ads

Setting A Budget For Travel Ads On Facebook

As you can see, Facebook Dynamic Ads for Travel have a great number of features and benefits that can help tourism businesses to pinpoint their target market and create ads and offers that maximize their ROI.

You learned earlier that when you set up your campaign objectives you also create target groups at the ad set level. Portions of your budget can be allocated to each target group and settings also include a daily budget and capped campaign budget so you have full control over where and how your budget is allocated.

Once you have a clearer idea of which of your ad sets are producing good results and maximizing your ROI, you can adjust your allocation accordingly and re-allocate funds between objectives.

Facebook Dynamic Travel Ads


Essentially, Facebook Dynamic Ads for Travel allow advertisers to reconnect with travelers who have expressed purchasing intent to drive bookings by showing them relevant promotions and personalized travel ads across platforms they spend a great deal of time.

For travel businesses looking for a way to target specific products or demographics, or extend their marketing reach, Dynamic Ads for Travel can produce positive results. For more tips on how to create targeted Facebook ads for your trips and tours, take a look at our article for some useful insights.