Customer Success Story – Fairways to Heaven Golf

February 09, 2020
Zaky Prabowo (he/him)
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About Fairways to Heaven

For 20+ years Fairways to Heaven Golf has been creating once in a lifetime custom golf experiences for consumers and businesses. They do this by understanding their client’s needs through a personal consultation and then putting together the right package for them based upon the experience they are looking for.

Location: Avon, CT
Trip size: 1-50 travelers
Company size: 7 employees
Niche: Custom Golf Travel
Target Customers: Men and Women, 35-75+, golf club members and overall golf enthusiasts

Why WeTravel?


Q: When you first spoke with WeTravel were you looking to solve a particular problem?

A: We were using multiple systems to send custom golf proposals and accept payments. It was time consuming for our customers and our team and not easy to manage.


Q: How has this problem been solved by WeTravel?

A: WeTravel gives us a professional web based portal to send our custom proposals and also takes care of the merchant processing at the same time. Also, under the hood, WeTravel is a very simple system to use. And once we decided to implement the set up process was easy.


Q: How did your customers react to using WeTravel?

A: Our clients are aged 40+ and they love using the WeTravel system because it flows well and is easy to use. The proposal layout gives our clients exactly what they need to make a buying decision and they don’t have to mail us checks anymore or wait for another link to submit their credit card info

“WeTravel has helped us to reduce conversion time by 75%.”

Michael OToole & David Reid - Managing Partners

Interested in a demo?

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