How to Choose the Best Payment Platform for Independent Travel Agents

February 04, 2018
Maria Claudia Lira (she/her)
2 min read

Travel planning isn’t for the faint of heart. Even though there are plenty of planning tools to help online, many people still turn to independent travel agents to help them have authentic and exciting travel experiences. An independent travel agent can use their expertise to help a customer to really have the experience that they're seeking, and often save them both time and money.

Travel agents need to be able to access tools that help them do the best job they can for their customers. Being a professional travel agent and booking trips for all different types of customers means being organized with payments in particular.  Effectively managing payments from your customers is essential, and being able to receive payments online when a customer is ready is crucial in the digital age. You need a way to safely accept and keep track of payments.

But how do you do it when you’re an independent travel agent and have a limited budget or systems? Through a payment platform!

WeTravel for Tour Operators

What is a payment platform?

A payment gateway is a system that allows payment by credit card and direct payment 24/7. It’s like a cash register in a normal store, allowing the transaction between the payer and the seller.

Why do independent travel agents need a payment platform?

If you book trips for your customers, then you need a way to be paid for your services, and to pay suppliers. WeTravel allows you to do both!

Why is WeTravel the best platform for travel planners?

Choosing a payment platform to help you with your business is a big step. Setting up your own can be a long and complicated process that you just don’t have the time or capacity for. Instead, you can use WeTravel, which already has everything set up for you.

As an independent travel agent, you’ll be able to create a trip page confirming customers individual itineraries, send it over to the customer, and then have them make their payment so that you can book their trip for them. Once you receive the money you can then use it to pay suppliers if you need to. There are also features like payment plans at your disposal.

Grow Travel Business

The WeTravel system will also allow you to collect your customers' details and send out automated emails if necessary. The fee for using the WeTravel payment platform is a low 1% of the transaction fee.

WeTravel combines great usability with a low rate. Other tools may help independent travel agents assemble itineraries and plans for their customers, but WeTravel is primarily a payment platform that you can use to be paid for your services.

Check out how it works, and find your payment solution!