7 Wellness Habits From Your Travels That You Can Start Practising at Home

May 01, 2017
3 min read

Looking after yourself shouldn't just be about your next vacation. It's easier to maintain a state of well-being and be mindful when we travel because we’re away from the stresses of daily life, having new and exciting experiences. But how do we bring that feeling of wellness and staying healthy on our travels into our daily lives?

Taking a wellness trip is a great way to get yourself back in line, physically and mentally, but unfortunately, we can’t always get away when we want to. Instead of being derailed by all the complexities of life, stay on track with these daily wellness tips!

Believe that your self-care is non-negotiable

When you travel you put yourself first because you have the freedom to make your own choices and decide what you want to do with each day. But when you return home it's easy to get caught up in life and forget about your own mental health. Before you even start trying to improve your wellbeing you need to believe that your health is not something that's up for debate. There can be no more excuses in looking after yourself. You need to find the balance in life, whether that means planning your next adventure or finding time for yourself within your busy daily routine.

Stretch every day

Stretching is a great mood booster, but it's an overlooked exercise. If you’re missing your regular yoga sessions after a retreat but think you don’t have time for a full yoga workout then stretch a little in the morning when you wake up, and again in the evening before bed. It releases the tension in your muscles and helps to get your blood flowing. This can really help to improve your mood.

Wellness Practices From Your Travels You Can Do At Home

Drink a glass of water when you wake up

When we travel we seem to love stopping for a drink or we always remember to carry water, especially in hot climates. It becomes easily forgettable in our daily routine. Our bodies need more water than most of us realize, so drinking water to stay hydrated is essential. Often it’s not until we feel lethargic, dehydrated or hungry that we remember to drink more, so start the day with a glass of water to give yourself a boost!

Cook for yourself

Ever taken a cooking class while traveling? Now’s the time to put what you learned into practice! As well as the health benefits you can get by cooking for yourself, it can be a great stress reliever since it gives you time to concentrate fully on something outside of your daily stresses. Try to use as many unprocessed foods as possible for a real health benefit. You may think you don’t have the time to cook from scratch, but you’ll be surprised once you start searching for quick and easy healthy recipes.

Use herbs instead of salt

Remember all that tasty food in Italy or France? When we cook it’s easy to think we need to add a lot of salt to bring out the flavor. Instead, try adding herbs like oregano, basil, and thyme to your meal. Herbs can provide antioxidants and boost your mood, as well as adding flavor. They’ll help you to reduce your salt intake, which can be high due to added sodium in many of our daily foods.

Do something for yourself every day

With a busy work life and plenty to get done at home, a day can easily pass by without doing anything you love. Find something small you like to do, like writing in a journal, having a particular meal, or participating in a hobby, and then find a few minutes to make it happen every day. Once you start you won’t remember a time when you couldn’t fit it in!

Wellness Practices From Your Travels You Can Do At Home

Avoid Monotony

If you have the same thing for breakfast every day, consider a change. Even if you love it! As much as you need to do the things that you love and that are comfortable, you also need to jump outside of your comfort zone and perk yourself up with something new. Try taking a different route to work, rearranging your desk or better yet, planning your next trip!

In the whirlwind of our lives today it’s so important to find a moment of tranquility at home, not just when we're traveling. Mental, emotional and spiritual wellness are more valuable than ever, and yet most of us see fitting wellness practices into our daily lives as another chore for the to do list. Don't put off taking care of yourself until you can get away next. Bring what you learn from traveling well into your everyday life!